How To Simplify Your MOMLIFE Tech Resource Guide

Part 2: All About Laundry


Jennifer Lopez Incredible Tech Resources to Simplify Mom Life Series

This series was designed to help you one step at a time; sometimes, as moms, we can be overachievers and want to accomplish it all right then and there. However, we learned that it does not quite work out that way over the years. When you are a mom, things happen out of our control with the kids. I am here to share that just like we teach the kids, baby steps I will share with you. Have patience and grace with yourself and start incorporating some of these new techniques into your life. If you mess up one day, it’s okay. Tomorrow is a new day!

Now let’s begin this week. I will share one tech resource to simplify your life! 

Let’s agree that a mom’s life can be crazy. There’s no shying away from it. Whether you’re a stay-at-home mom, a working mom, or even a work-from-home mom – you’ll find yourself BUSY. There are doctor’s appointments to plan, grocery shopping, meals to prep, laundry to wash, and SO MUCH MORE.

Let’s start with Laundry – how to simplify it!

Okay, we got a few seconds to ourselves with our kids keeping themselves busy this morning until their light turned green and we were dressed. How do we tackle that laundry? For days that I can’t handle doing ONE. MORE. THING. – Sudshare has been amazing! It’s a personal laundry service – where someone picks up your laundry, washes it, AND folds it, and the best part is. It is only $1 a pound. After you download the app and put in your address and other details, Sudshare will ask you many questions about how you want your laundry done. For me, I am the most specific person on the planet. My profile is set up to wash my kids’ laundry in hypoallergenic detergent, while mine and my husbands are not. We want everything folded, except my husband’s shirts which we wish to hang up, and we provide the hangers.

When returned, we ask that the laundry be separated into my clothing, my husband, and the kid’s clothing is separated by size since we have three kids. Let me tell you – they make it happen! I then stick about 1-2 contractor bags full of laundry outside my front door, and someone picks it up within hours. They can communicate with me on the app, and my laundry is usually returned within a day or two. As an estimate, about 1-2 contractor bags of laundry for me was about $55-60, but it is based on total weight. While this isn’t an everyday thing for me, this helps me out if I feel behind and need some extra help.


You got this! Stay tuned for more tech resources like this coming soon! 

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Jennifer Lopez
Jennifer Johnstone Lopez is a mother of three kids, Cameron and Caroline, and her newest addition this year Carly. She is also the wife to serial entrepreneur, Ricky, and together they own a few local businesses in the Fort Lauderdale area. During the day - Jennifer is an international award-winning digital marketer, and co-founder and managing partner of Jalapeño Digital, a successful digital ad agency serving clients across the globe. Additionally, Jennifer is author of a newly-released, 5-star book on pregnancy, called Why I Cried: Tales from Hysterical Pregnant Women. The book proceeds help support Postpartum Support International - an organization Jennifer is passionate about, as its volunteers work with women to help them overcome perinatal mental health disorders. By night, Jennifer is working on her superhero mom qualifications - and likes to cook, entertain and tell stories and get her kids to bed on time so she can Netflix and chill. She loves getting her kids involved in everyday tasks, and can often be found teaching her one and three year old how to cook, load a dishwasher like a pro and do laundry, among other things. She loves adventures, coffee and wine


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