It’s Never Too Late To Have A Blast


Eldercare planning is something to take very seriously, whether you are the elder or the caring relative of an elder. The definition of an elder is stated below. 

1. An older person

2. A person having authority because of age and experience (elders of the village)

3. An official in some churches

Therefore, an elder can be worldly-wise and be treated with respect, listened to, and someone you can learn from. A lot of people see the elderly as old and of no use anymore. Some of them are put into homes and then forgotten about. That does happen today, sometimes depending on what part of the world you come from and your culture.

How old is an Elder? The eldest child can be considered an elder, and that can start at age two. Some people are old when they are 40, and some people never get old in their mind. In my mind, I still am eighteen. Today elders are very active. Here are the new trends, 80 is the new 60, and 60 is the new 40, so the definition of an elder has changed for many. Living in South Florida, there are many people over the age of 60, and believe me, some of them are truly amazing. I know people in their nineties that are still doing happy hour and dancing regularly. They are happy, healthy, and also motivated very active. It’s never too late to have a blast! 

Does this change that , as elders, we need to be taken care of? Somewhat, we still need love, caring, chatting, and maybe sometimes even a shoulder to cry on. The answer to that can vary and be different in every situation. 

Today the “Baby Boomer Elderly” is exciting, educated, knowledgeable, and loves life. They are traveling, cruising, and living life to the full. They are still working and supporting themselves, but there are still a lot of them struggling to make ends meet. Therefore they are even more active as they are working to support themselves.

Many grandparents take care of their grandchildren due to the pressures put on their children to provide for their offspring. You will often see grandparents at the park with kids and vacationing at the theme parks and cruises. You will very often see the grandparents looking after the kids while their parents are working. Looking after the grandkids keeps them young and active. Plus, it keeps their brain active; the grandkids keep them updated with technology; I know mine does. There is still care to be considered, such as medical care and living assistance for living alone. Lots of things to consider, but in the meantime living a full life is paramount for sanity and well-being. What do you see older people waiting to die or an aging body with a young mind when you see your parents or relatives?

Sometimes when you look at your parents, I am sure you think they should act their age. Enjoy them as they are; however, they choose to live their golden years.


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Helen Vella
Helen Vella is a writer, speaker, and motivational specialist and makes a difference in others lives by teaching from her personal experiences and also teaching some great empowering strategies. She is full of wisdom and can brighten any room when she walks into it! She is a mother of one and has two grandchildren. She is a true believer in the saying by Napoleon Hill “Whatever your mind can think and conceive you can achieve”. Helen Vella enjoys spending time on the beach and reading in her free time. She is dedicated to her work, and she specializes in teaching people how to get the best out of their networking, and enjoys helping others and with three decades of experience she is helping and sharing her voice to empower the women in our community.


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