New Year And New Clean You


The beginning of the year is usually a time of great anticipation for all that is to come in the next twelve months. It’s also a time of significant reflection. We think about the past year, all that we’re grateful for, and all we would like to improve upon. The latter leads to the promises we make ourselves in the form of New Year’s resolutions. For many, those promises include losing weight, exercising, getting organized, and saving money. But unfortunately, for a majority, those resolutions only sometimes see even the flip of the calendar to February. While the idea is there, the commitment and long-term work usually need to be revised.

Assuming they do last, the types of resolutions mentioned are all important. , they mean that we want to make positive changes in our lives. But what about taking them a step further? Instead of focusing on our bodies or bank accounts, we focus on our overall health and all it entails. Including our mental health and surroundings. What if instead of focusing on us individually, we focus on the environment simultaneously? What if these changes could be sustainable, not only for us but for the world around us?

It’s relatively easy to shift our focus here. In most instances, it’s simply tweaking already established resolutions. 

Here are a few great examples:

Losing weight is the number one New Year’s resolution every year. With clean living, losing weight is not about vanity but overall health. And that comes down to what we put in our mouths and how much activity we get. As for the former, choose foods that are as colorful as possible and search for organic meats that do not contain harmful pesticides or hormones. And when it’s time to go somewhere nearby, leave that car and its harmful emissions in the garage. Start walking or riding that bike and enjoy the clean, fresh air.

Drinking more water is another common New Year’s resolution—and an admirable one. But what about how you’re drinking that water? According to the Mayo Clinic, depending on various factors, including weight, height, and climate, men should drink 15.5 cups per day, while women should drink 11.5 cups. If we use disposable plastic bottles for all that water all year long, it will add up, not in a good way. Each day, 1.3 billion plastic bottles are used at a rate of about one million per minute. Each of those bottles will take 450 years to decompose. You do the math. So, why not shift this resolution a bit? Instead of drinking more water, it’s consuming more of the proper water from a reusable water bottle. I love my Nikken reusable sports bottle that provides alkaline water on the go.

While many will commit to cleaning their homes more regularly, they only sometimes consider the products they use. Clutter and dust in our homes are detrimental physically (think about breathing in all those allergens) and mentally by causing stress and anxiety. And those products may include dangerous chemicals that do more harm than good, including issues with our eyes, skin, and respiratory functions and harming the air itself. Environmentally friendly cleaning products and home wellness solutions, like those found at Norwex and Nikken, use non-toxic ingredients that still get the job done but without causing damage to our health and the environment.

The beginning of the year is the perfect time to start putting your health first. And by simply shifting some of your resolutions around and sticking with them long past February, you’ll have a great start!

Happy New Year!

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