Ways To Feel Cozy While Living With Florida Temperatures



If you are not a native Floridian like me, you might be missing the feeling of seasons. I’ve lived here in Broward for two years, and I’ve noticed that I have some depressive episodes in the summer when the temperature is uncomfortably warm. Fall and winter are my seasons! So here are some hacks that I’ve figured out can help your home feel cozy during this time. 

1. Keep That Fan Running 

Ready for a joke? In our house, the AC is always on. I keep the temperature at a steady 75, and we sleep with fans on at night. It gives the vibe of a breeze coming in through a window without actually needing to open the windows. I fully realize that this is not energy efficient or cost-efficient, but I do it anyway for my mental health. 

2. Blankets!

So many blankets. I keep a variety of throw blankets stored in a large ottoman in my living room so that any time we need something cozy, we can grab one. I keep a throw over my office chair, a blanket in my car, and a stack in the closet. If ever it did get very cold here– I’m prepared to keep the neighborhood warm. 

3. Warm drinks.

Coffee in the morning, hot cocoa in the evening. Nothing will make you feel warm inside and out like a warm drink. There are some delicious caffeine-free teas out there also. I love Trader Joe’s Harvest Blend tea, and I’m pretty sure I’ve seen something similar at Aldi. Sip on a warm drink and pretend you’re somewhere with falling leaves.

4. A Fake Fire.

Yes, you read that right. I have a fake fire going in my house most nights. Usually, I prop my iPad up near where I’ll be sitting with a 10-hour fireplace video playing. If I’m home alone, I will put it on TV and get the full experience. The sound of the fire crackling is magical. It will usually elicit one of my kids grabbing a blanket and coming over to lay near me. 

5. Go Out Early In The Morning And Late In The Evening.

It will give you optimal conditions for feeling a chill. I love dropping my kids off at school in the morning because it feels like home (Central Coast of California). I walk my daughter to school just so that I can breathe in fresh air and crunch leaves along the way. 

Let me know how you cultivate a cozy vibe in your home. Also, please share if you are like me and also suffer from seasonal depression — in summer. Stay warm! 

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Claudia Mancilla
Claudia is a native Californian and a citizen of nowhere. She can usually be found hiding in the bathroom, strolling the aisles of a local thrift store, or watching TikTok videos in the parking lot of CVS and Walgreens looking for a great coupon deal. She's a former elementary school teacher with a passion for multicultural children's literature. She always has a snack in her purse and a Costco flat of cokes in her hall closet. She is the perfect addition to a community of moms that keeps it real, and straight forward; with her experience as a no sugar coating mama, she can guide and share her family motto is "Do whatever you want. Just be cool." Her kids seem to know what that means.


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