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Meet: Coach Rodney

Rodney is the Supervisor of the Bindery Department for one of the leading Print Companies in Florida. He has worked in the printing industry for over twenty-six years and is an expert in understanding the print world! He is one of the kindest, down-to-earth people you will meet. He is just a big kid and always willing to help someone. He is a sports fan, especially for the local teams! He comes from one big football family, and almost all his nieces and nephews play flag football. Everyone looks up to him, and as one of his nieces says, “Uncle Rodney always has the best drinks”! Rodney is the person that takes a huge box of snacks to the office, so everyone can always have something. He ensures everyone on the team has what they need, even when they struggle. He steps up to the plate as a mentor and guides them in the right direction. When he is not on the field, you can catch him watching football in his free time or one of his favorite movies, “The Matrix” or “Gladiator.” He sure can indulge in a yummy plate of lasagna on any day! 


Future For Football

Here is a glimpse into his life as a coach, and you will get to learn more about Coach Rodney!

It’s just one big football family. Coach Rodney loves the community and his family so much that he would volunteer to Coach. For this league, they offered parents to be a volunteer coach. He only had his nephews on the team and his love for coaching! His position was unpaid, and he would show up with a 100 percent every week. He loved teaching the kids really about teamwork, camaraderie, and understanding “you can’t always have it your way” at the end of the day football is football and it does’nt matter what kind of football it is, it could be touch, tackle, flag or co-ed it’s all good!

Just have fun!

How long have you been coaching?

Ever since I could remember, I always loved sports, and when my younger brother played tackle football (20 years ago), I was his mentor. I showed up to all his games, ensured he was on track and was his Coach even though he didn’t realize it. I would record his plays, go over them with him, and always encouraged him to keep going! The impact you have on someone’s life as a Coach is priceless, and they can carry it throughout their life. 

I have been coaching football for about eighteen years now. Wow, I did not even realize it’s been so long. Time sure flies when you are having fun and enjoying what you do!

What type of football do you coach?

Currently, flag football.

What is your favorite part of coaching?

The impact that I teach on the game, not only does it contribute to football but their life overall. 

What do you tell the players when they are out on the field, and it gets tough?

Honestly, it’s pretty simple. I tell them, “keep going, don’t quit.”

What inspired you to be a coach?

I wanted to pass on the knowledge and do it for our youth. Someone did that for me, and I felt it would be a great way to give back that same knowledge.

What was the most memorable moment of your coaching experience?

For me, it really was seeing their reaction and all the smiles on their faces after a win; it was a joy to see that. 

Future For Football is an initiative by the National Football Foundation to promote and celebrate the game at all levels. Follow them on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. You can also visit their site for other helpful resources and to find a league near you.


More From Our Community!

“Coach Rodney always went above and beyond for his team; he would show up with the cooler filled with all the cool drinks you could think of; he had Propels, Gatorade, Water, and Caprisuns for everyone. There was a time he had the players names printed on their jerseys. The kids loved it because the regular league would have the number printed on the jersey. When you have a Coach that cares, it makes a difference in how the children perform; they rely on their coach for that support and direction. That is where the community’s respect, relationship building, and connection begins”.

Team Mom, Rafeea N. Roche 

Teamwork is everything!

What are the players saying?

Player | Noah, Age: 14

What is your favorite part of playing football?

Definitely getting to meet new people and develop relationships, but also getting to play a sport that I just love. 

How long have you been playing for?

About 4 seasons (2 years)

What do you look for in a Coach?

Leadership, easy going, fun, real, enthusiastic, energetic 

During the time with Coach Rodney, what was your biggest takeaway?

Stay calm under pressure, how to become a better football player, following directions, strength

How has his coaching techniques helped you develop as a young man?

Teamwork, Leadership, ignore things that are not helping me and focus on my goals to become a better player. 

How have you used what you learned from Coach Rodney to help others in the community?

NJROTC, classes, meet new people, leadership positions, testing my patience and how to handle situations better. 

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