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It truly takes a village to raise a child, and the more informed we are; the better decisions we can make that will positively affect us, and help to shape and develop our families.

There is something special about hearing stories you can relate to and learn from. That’s why I created my podcast: Mamas Know Best We Got Something to Say , and it has been a huge labor of love for me. What started as a hobby has grown into something so much more! My first podcast episode was posted November 2019, and there was a lot of trial and error in the beginning. It would take me almost two hours to edit one episode. The sound was not up to par, I was reaching out to stranger’s direct messaging asking if they’d be on my show, and recording any time my guests could record. I was all over the place. But then March of 2020 came; we were quarantined and I was laid off. So I took the time to re-evaluate the true impact I wanted to make with my podcast. I decided to hire a podcast editor, which has been a game changer for me, I purchased better audio equipment, I took the time to research my guests, and I set boundaries with my recording time. Once I made those changes, my podcast subscribers and downloads grew! 

I am now 100+ episodes in, and I am thankful for the inspiring conversations I’ve had with other moms (and some fathers) about parenthood and life; knowing I get to make another mother feel seen, supported, and not alone for what she may be going through is the icing on the cake.

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No. 5: The Starr Institute

Shavontana “Starr” Davis, Esquire, is a woman dedicated to positively impacting her community through mentorship and motivation, serving as both a resource and beacon of hope for youth. A native of Louisville, KY Starr came from a tumultuous upbringing that has made her a resilient woman who is passionate about the care and treatment of youth within the justice system and beyond. After overcoming childhood sexual abuse & having represented adult & minor victims in the criminal & juvenile systems she created The Starr Institute. On this episode, we discuss myths about sex trafficking, how to be a trusted adult, ways in which traffickers target & recruit youth, how we can contribute to the anti-trafficking movement and so much more: Listen to the episode here

No. 4: The Productpreneur
Nicole de Larzac is a Product Development & Marketing Coach, with over 20 years of experience working with large global brands, who helps aspiring ‘product preneurs’ create products that sell so they can live a life of freedom and success beyond the 9 to 5! In addition, she started her own product business when she lived in Australia, and was pregnant with her first child, which she grew to over $2 million in sales! In this episode we discuss all things motherhood, business, stepping out on faith and following your dreams. Listen to the  episode here .
No. 3: The Doula Care Collective

Listen in on an informative and powerful conversation as I discuss the necessary and impactful role a doula plays in a woman’s birthing experience with four wonderful Doulas that are a part of the Doula Care Collective. Each bringing their unique experiences and passion to limit overwhelm and provide support during a transformative, and beautiful time in a woman’s life: childbirth. Listen to the episode here .

No. 2: Savvy Bookkeeping with DeBria Gibson

DeBria Gibson is a savvy bookkeeper who specializes in money management, bookkeeping, and financial strategies to help growing business owners become savvy business owners!  Bria is also a new mom, and in this episode we discuss surviving the newborn stage, her journey into entrepreneurship, bookkeeping tips, services she provides, being flexible & pivoting tasks as needed, the importance of investing in yourself and capitalizing on opportunities! Listen to the episode here

No. 1: Brave Original Designs with Dr. Jill Zambon

In January 2021, Dr. Zambon founded Brave Original Designs and 6-months later is focused on getting the business off the ground to provide women with clothes that flow with the movement of their bodies, while being stylish, sustainable, and eco-friendly. In this episode we discuss her mission behind creating BOD and giving back to veterans, the importance of slow fashion, her disciplined work ethic, being present, giving our children a voice, and how she manages a career, building her business & being a mom. Listen to the episode here

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