Mama I See You


Mama I see You

To the mama with the screaming kid in the restaurant.
I see you.
I’m sick of the mom shamers too. They don’t know you.
They don’t know your child.
They don’t know that maybe your child has autism.
They don’t know that something scared your child.
They don’t know that your child is cutting a tooth.
They don’t know that your child has big emotions.
They don’t know that your child has just experienced something traumatic.
They don’t know that your child is a foster child trying to get acclimated.
They don’t know that it’s just simply a rough day.
Mama, I see you, and I know you’re raising a good kid. However, you don’t owe us an explanation.
Children are children, and it’s society’s job to stop dismissing them.
It’s society’s job to stop expecting our kids to act “perfect”.
It’s society’s job to stop mom-shaming and assume you “just let your kids run the house.”
I know the anxiety, embarrassment, and exhaustion of a bad day.
I know you were trying to have a nice meal with the family.
It’s society’s job to know that they don’t know. It’s society’s job to mind their business.
It’s society’s job to stop being so selfish and only care about how it’s affecting them because you matter to mama.
I see you, mama; let them scream for a minute, don’t mind us, we mind our motherhood.

Imagine today if you were going through what some of the moms in our nation are going through right now. Would you want to be judged and shamed? No, you would not; So, my friends, it goes back to the basics of what you probably teach your child. “If you don’t want it done to you, don’t do it to others and practice what you preach, moms. That’s one of the reasons I became a contributor with Broward Mom Collective because they have a #nojudgement and #nosugarcoating space where moms can feel welcomed and not judged. 


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