Nature’s Calling And So Is Your Health


Time to Get Outside

One of the benefits of living in Florida is it is pretty much hot and humid all year! But, how often do you get out of the house or the office? Believe it or not, it affects your health, wellness, and overall quality of life. 

This reminds us to step out of our front doors and explore parks, beaches, and the earth’s natural and abundant beauty. Regardless of how active you are, your mind and body will experience various benefits just by breathing fresh air, being out in the sun, and taking a much-needed break from life’s continuous stresses.

Whether hiking, biking, kayaking, or simply taking a walk, the options are endless for time outdoors. Those who live within the confines of a city’s tall buildings can find a park, feel the grass beneath their feet, and the sun on their faces. Other options include visiting a state or national park, bird watching, volunteering as a summer camp counselor, or, if the ocean speaks more of your language, going deep sea diving or even relaxing on a boat.

Benefits of Fresh Air and Activity

It’s probably no surprise that your body, mind, and soul reap the benefits of breathing fresh air and engaging in any activity. When fresh air cleans your lungs, it strengthens your immune system and digestive system. It also reduces airborne infections, increases energy, and sharpens your mind. It even helps you sleep better at night. Exercise has similar benefits in boosting energy and helping you get a better night’s sleep, but it also helps you lose weight and improves your mood overall. Exercise has been shown to have as many positive mental and emotional impacts as physical ones.

Camping Tips

Summer is an opportune time for those who enjoy camping to pack up their gear and experience nature more deeply. Once again, the extent is up to you—whether you like roughing it or prefer to have a few modern conveniences, there are campsites all around the country to provide what you’re looking for—either giving a place to pitch your tent or a place to park an RV. Think about your needs and wants before heading out to find the right spot for you and your family. It’s also important to keep a few things in mind:

  • Pack plenty of fresh water (it’s important to stay hydrated).
  • Ensure your first aid kit is stocked and ready (and everyone knows where it is).
  • Pack plenty of nonperishable foods, snacks, fruits, and vegetables (stores may be hard to come by).
  • Pack sunscreen (and use it).
  • Make sure to have rain gear and blankets (after all, Mother Nature changes her mind now and then).
  • S’mores ingredients (just because!).
  • Reusable water bottles and utensils (Nikken and Norwex have some great sustainability choices).
  • Magnetic insoles help prepare your feet for exploration and minimize discomfort (Nikken’s are our favorites).

And when we can’t get outside, we ensure our family is breathing the cleanest air possible with the KenkoAir Purifier by Nikken. It cleans the air by capturing particles, neutralizing odors, and removing even the smallest fragments, making us feel like we’re outside, even when we’re not. We also want to leave the pollen, bacteria, and pesticides (yes, we must be careful about some of what the outdoors brings) outside by using our Norwex Entry Mat. 

This Summer, take a break from the chaos. Get out there and enjoy time with family and friends or the solitude and peace of taking a walk alone under clear blue skies. After all, when nature calls, it’s up to us to answer.

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