Tapping Into Your Intuition

A mom's guide to trusting her intuition


How many times did you second-guess yourself when making a tough decision? I am sure just this week you had a few times you did this! You are a mother, and you still have the desire to help others or do something more, and that feeling doesn’t just go away. It is that moment when you hear and receive all these ideas on how you can inspire others to continue moving toward their dreams. You are a mom on a mission, and many of you might have that burning desire inside of you to do something that you have been putting off for yourself, starting a business, traveling, taking that date night or girls night, and you just don’t seem to be making the time for it. When you are a mom ready to take those next steps to level up and making tough decisions, it can get scary and emotionally draining. Last month, I had to make some tough decisions when launching Broward Mom Collective, and it started out of that burning desire. A movement to move forward to bring moms together and reach the lives of so many women to empower and support them in an inclusive space.

I was so nervous, meaning it’s exciting, but I felt this way because our mission is to create a conscious culture approach to reach moms and share their lives to shine the light and discover their inner beauty. I knew we could not do it alone; we want the world to see that we are better together if we could support, love, have compassion, provide resources, a listening ear, anything that they need to thrive and succeed and reach their goals. This week I reached out to some of the most powerful and successful women I know; it is amazing how every person played a part in my life. Each one of them has always supported and had a positive impact on my life. It actually does “take a village”; it requires building a purpose power team, and the community creates a positive support system.

Many factors play a role in a mom’s life, and it seems as though we have just a ton of things to think about all the time. Sometimes we wonder, “when I will get a break?” well, the society that we live in is not set up for breaks. It is a process we should incorporate into our lives. Your intuition and those tiny little voices you hear that are super subtle are what we should tune into more. It will guide you closer to your vision and be who you were truly meant to be when you listen.

When we hear and witness what I call now “notifications,” (ideas, thoughts), we can master paying more attention to it. I know it is hard when you have so many different personalities tugging at you. Still, as a community, we can support each other and share ways to tap into our intuition to heal ourselves and the women around us. It’s available to you; abundance is a feeling; it cannot come to you without emotion.
When you are a newbie to this world of abundance and co-creation, your expectations are more significant, and your desire moves faster into fruition. Inner freedom is what we want for everyone that comes across our path. We want to fill your cup with power, hope, love, faith, Awareness, and so much more. It starts with YOU first.

To build upon your intuition, its like anything just practice, it gets better and you will start to hear and receive messages faster.

You don’t need to go searching into the unknown. It could be just a comment, a smile, interaction, phone call, thought, idea, book, friend, sign, experience, anything that can lead to discovery and align you with the vibration of abundance and prosperity.
When you stop associating money and assets with abundance and prosperity, it will start to flow to you. It is about a feeling, that FEELING of feeling good. For each person, it is different. Dig deep to find what feels right for you. One of the women in our community, Khadijah Ali, stated, “Enjoy the simple things in life, empower and uplift one another, and amazing things will happen.” When you aren’t chasing money and fame, you have time to enjoy the simplicity of what is right in front of you. Still, your interest is to serve those around you for the highest good, treat kindness, and always have the integrity to do the right thing.

Remember, there is non-physical confirmation every way you look around. Confirmation from the universe. Intervention, aware of where you are in all moments, ready to reveal the abundance and answers you are looking for. 


Boost Your Intuition 

Practice these fun, simple, and exciting exercises

• Analyze your dreams. – Let your imagination flow 

• Notice your dream signs. 

• Traffic light technique – Red, Yellow, Green 

• Take a walk. 

• Take an intuitive drive. 

• Spend more time in nature. 

• Skip the daily routine. 

• Read about intuition. 

• Review your past. 

• People-watch. 

• Spiritual Practice 

Daily Activities That Enhance Your Intuition 

Use these tips to practice using your intuition every day

• Use your intuition regularly. 

• Be aware of your intuition all of the time. 

• Have a creative hobby. 

• Test your intuition. 

• Take care of your basic needs.( avoid procrastinating, on eating, bathroom breaks etc.)

Practices That Enhance Your Intuition 

When these practices are added to your daily life, you start shifting your perceptual Awareness from external to internal. I love to make it repetitive, so it eventually becomes a habit. We all already know consistency is key. 


• Use solitude and quiet when they are available. 

• Active Listening – Try responding with short one-word answers while your process information; you don’t always need to respond.” 

• Silence is King – Often, we think we need to give confirmation or a response to fit in. 

• Practice with daily inspirational cards – Accept that you can directly communicate with and receive guidance from this inner source of pure intuitive intelligence. 

• Find the best time of day to reach out to your intuition. 

• You can receive what I like to call “notifications” that are so strong they can wake up in the middle of the night. 

• Differentiate between your intuition and your preferences. 

• Create Awareness 

• I learned from a fellow coach that when you can reduce the “noise” in the system, it cultivates an adequate focus on available internal intuitive stimuli. 

• Cultivate the ability to perceive and receive relevant, accurate, and reliable intuitive information. 

• Ignore that inner critic that we all have to minimize self-sabotage, which gets you ready to act. Intuitive information is as valid and vital as traditional methods of information gathering and decision-making. 

• Practicing patience and trusting the process 

The time you select might not always be the best, or you will receive an answer. Allow yourself to be OPEN to receive any time of the day. It is not always easy to get this time when you are struggling with keeping up with the schedule with the kids. You can try adding this time to your schedule and then making a conscious decision to do your best and stick to it. Set aside a quiet time to reflect and be in silence and even if you take just a few things away, remember if you have an extensive list of things you want to accomplish, try by starting with just small steps, one goal at a time. You will be surprised by the progress you can make!


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Rafeea Roche
Rafeea is your intuitive guide to discovering your gifts, the co-owner of Spectacular Creations – South Florida, LLC. She is an Intuitive Mindset & Transformation Life Coach. She guides women on their path toward accepting and embracing who they truly are. She teaches them how to find the magic within themselves so they can transition to the next step and reach their goals. Life happens to us all, even Rafeea is not exempt. She is married to the love of her life and share three beautiful children together. They are all close in age and Rafeea understands firsthand the difficulties life has to offer when juggling a marriage, children, and a career. She is an entrepreneur who has a wide vast of experience in sales and marketing who recognizes the fluctuations that occur in business. However, after making good money and selling one business venture only to start another, she realized her true passion was not in making money, it is in helping people. This opportunity is not just another job for her. She is invested in seeing each of her clients grow mentally, spiritually, emotionally, and socially. She is devoted to her craft of teaching each of you how to live a full life. She loves engaging in meaningful conversations with people who are looking to leave footprints. She loves to connect with women all over the world.


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