FTL Forum: Controversial Parenting Decisions


What is the most CONTROVERSIAL parenting decision you’ve ever made?

As parents, we always strive to make the best decisions for our children and our families. Sometimes, those decisions can be quite controversial.

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“For me it was skipping the ear piercing. She was tiny, I was scared and it wasn’t personally worth it. I’ve never heard the end of it. Her ears are still not pierced and I keep getting asked “when?” At this point it’s up to her.”

– Ally Gonzalez


“Home School.”

– Deena McDaniel


“Doing the ‘CRY-IT-OUT’ sleep training method. We actually tried the Ferber method originally (rubbing his back every 5 minutes and so on) but it actually made my son more upset and would work him up more when we went in. After about a week of trying, we gave up and did the direct cry-it-out. He went to sleep after about 30 minutes the first night and slept through after 3 nights! With Ferber it was taking 1-2 hours to get him to fall asleep.

Every child is different and what is harsh for one may be right for another. This was definitely foresight into my now 2 year old’s clear desire for independence 😂

– Allison Vorcheimer


“At first I thought it would be sending my kids who are 2 years apart to different schools this year but that quickly changed to whether they should attend school in person via hybrid or attend online altogether”

– Ladydiana27


“My BIGGEST was baby led weaning! Everyone thought I was insane and I heard so much “flax and feedback” about it. The parents and grandparents went nuts and raised eyebrows, but I pushed forward. Even my husband was terrified of chocking and wouldn’t do meal time without me, but again I pushed forward because my gut told me to do so! Looking back it was the BEST decision and I’d do it all over again. My LO is such a GREAT, independent eater and I have BLW to thank! So moms, controversial or not…listen to your GUT! Gut always WINS!! 🙌🏼”

– Kellie Mackenroth

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