Meet the New Owners


Annie and Rafeea are truly the dynamic duo and have known each other for just about two decades! Ever since they could remember, they were always getting into something. Friends and family would say, “Hmm, what are these two getting into now? 

It was ironic that about thirteen years ago, Annie signed up to join Rafeea, on one of her business ventures, and she just found out this year she said, “I just signed up to support you girl.” What! Rafeea thought she genuinely wanted to join the business opportunity. Over the years, their friendship grew, and they both had the same dream of becoming an entrepreneur and tried so many different avenues to get there separately. One day, Annie said, why don’t we do it together, take your vision and mine and bring it together. That’s when they joined energies and built Spectacular Creations South Florida; through ups-n-downs and venturing into motherhood together, they were always there for each other. 

They secretly wished each other’s daughters would also become best friends and grow up together.  Little did they know, their daughters Isabella and Laila would be so full of sass! The adventures of motherhood sure took them by surprise. Building a successful business was harder than they thought. However, managing a growing family was overwhelming, and often neglected obligations, late dinners, events, and missed quality family time was difficult for both families.  After a few years of determination, consistency and never giving up, they remained loyal to their commitment to each other. They are grateful to share the company survived a global pandemic, homeschooling, grief, and loss in their team and families due to COVID 19; they refused to give up. Even through the sad and dark moments, it was grace; they could shift and continue to move forward. 

Today, they have a strong passion for supporting mothers, inspiring and empowering them with the support and resources they need to move through this journey of motherhood. Annie and Rafeea are here, ready to serve Broward. These gyals know firsthand what it’s like to juggle it all and still feel sane and show up for yourself daily. 

Their mission together to use the power of community to enrich, enlighten and uplift mothers in all phases of motherhood. Transitions have become the new norm for mothers; with an ever-changing society, it is essential to know that the mothers have the local support, a network that sees right through it all. Over the years, they still haven’t found a space or group of mothers without feeling judged. 

This is their Why! 

Today, the weight has been lifted, and they welcome this opportunity as Broward Mom Collective owners. They will continue to create space to build meaningful relationships with local businesses and families and grow and together as one community that accepts each mother for the amazing woman she is!


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