The Real Effect of Coronavirus & What We Can Do TODAY To Help!


There are several points of focus lately in the media, but the pinpointed issue is one we’re all dealing with in different ways, coronavirus. It’s crazy to think that we went from living our fast-paced, normal, everyday lives to a life of caution, regulations, and uncertainty. Some of us were affected when it came to our jobs, while others couldn’t see other family members, and then others dealt with it health-wise. No matter how you’ve been affected, we are all being affected and we’re all in this together! For me, it affected my family directed. It affected me in all the ways I listed above.

Let’s start with my work family. On March 18th, 2020, my job decided that the best decision for all of us was to close the doors, effective immediately. We never thought that would mean our doors would literally close for two months! Do you know what kind of a hit a business takes to close its doors for two months straight? No income coming in because we couldn’t provide services, no way to pay employees because we were deemed a non-essential business, and then on top of it having to deal with possibly losing clients because many were upset, we couldn’t open our doors. We didn’t know if we were going to ever be able to open our doors again. My coworkers were running out of money, some battled depression, and some are beyond scared. The day finally came that we were able to open but it hasn’t been the same. Everyone must wear a mask, everyone gets their temperature taken, we see clients on an appointment basis only, and we’re constantly in fear because we don’t know if we’ll have to close our doors again. If anyone were to contract this virus, we’d have to shut our doors and the cycle would start over. I don’t know if we’d be able to take closing our doors again.

Personally, I haven’t even been able to work in person.

I tested positive right before we opened and I’ve tested several times since still POSITIVE!

The virus affected my family directly. It started with one family member, and then went to the next, and the next, until everyone had it! One member was hospitalized for FIVE DAYS and the other TEN DAYS. It was a really hard process and I don’t wish it on anybody. Imagine seeing someone every day, super healthy, YOUNG, vibrant, and with a whole life ahead of them. Then one day you wake up and they can’t breathe!?! Every breath they take they’re struggling to speak and there’s nothing you can do to help. They reach fevers of 103 and nothing can break it, not Tylenol or baths. You call the paramedics because you’re scared to drive them to the hospital, you don’t know if something worse will happen on your way there. You have to drive them to the emergency room, there’s no other option at this point. Home remedies aren’t cutting it anymore, this isn’t a regular cold or even the flu. You get to the hospital and you’re not allowed in. But they just turned EIGHTEEN a couple days ago? Please, they’re scared! I begged…they need me to go in there with them. But you’re not allowed and the only thing you can do is rely on them to contact you from inside the hospital. Hope they’re going to be okay enough to pick up the phone and say, I’m okay, to facetime you, and show you they are going to get better. The doctors are asking them all these questions on treatments they want to do and if they give them consent to do so, but they just turned of age. They haven’t even bought their first scratch-off yet, how are they supposed to decide what treatments are okay and which are not? Plasma is offered and I said, “Yes, take it! My friend Kellie who was a nurse said to do it. It’s going to save you!” It goes downhill at first, but then it gets better its working! FIVE days later, they’re home, still positive but they’re home!

Ahhhhh….exhale….but not too deeply…

Success right?

It’s over!

Wrong. Now imagine, head of household, provider, caretaker, perfectly fine and healthy. But the next day, fever. It’s just from the other family member. We’ve all been exposed it’s going to be okay I’ll get over it at home. SIX days, high fever, nothing breaks it. The beginning of a new, familiar, yet scary cycle. Symptoms even worse than the first family member, but we know what to do. We have to take them to the emergency room. The only ones who can save them are our healthcare heroes. Plasma is offered again and we immediately take it. This time, it was a little harder and it took more recovery but success, they’re home. TEN days hospitalized. TWO months after this all started, everyone is still positive but everyone is recovering! 

I know it’s very easy to think it’s not going to happen to me. Let me tell you, we were very careful. Cleaning everything before it came into the house, cooking all meals at home, limiting visits to the grocery store, no face touching, always wearing a mask, always disinfecting, and always staying home. Somehow, we still managed to get it! We took all the precautions and despite it all, it hit us hard!! Please, please, please, wear your mask, wash your hands, be considerate of those around you. The ones it hits the hardest weren’t the ones with pre-existing conditions, it was the healthiest of us all. You don’t know how it’s going to affect you. Please, don’t find out. I strongly believe we contracted it when going to the grocery store to get essentials. That was the ONLY place we went and only if it was extremely necessary. That means someone there had it and might not have been taking precautions to keep others safe. Let’s stop the spread.

I also strongly believe that plasma saved my family’s lives. For my family that had to be hospitalized plasma was the

Essential oil(s), the other “liquid gold”.

answer and for the rest of the family that fought it hard at home, immune-boosting essential oils and an amazing support system kept us out of the hospital! Thanks to the people that overcame the virus and donated their blood with antibodies, my family was able to come home. If you’ve overcome the virus please seek information on how to donate and save someone’s life. Florida has seen spikes of over, 10,000 positive cases in single days, the ICU capacities are at their maximums, and supplies are running low. I contacted my local hospital to donate and they were so thankful. They said the health care workers aren’t the only heroes. It takes the whole community and people like US that have overcome and donate. Please, please, please, let’s fight this together and help each other through these really difficult times. Let’s save each other!

Please reach out to your local hospitals, they’ll direct you to the appropriate avenues in donating. I don’t know who those two brave souls were that donated their plasma early on, but I will forever be grateful for their lifesaving generosity…angels are amongst us.