Toy Talk: Quality over Quantity and Tips to Stay Organized!


Toys can get a bit overwhelming, especially if you are a couponing mom like me and buys toys just because the sale is way too amazing not to get it! I think to myself, I’m saving ninety percent on this doll, I am buying this doll for a dollar. Shortly after getting home, three hours later to be exact it ends up under the table with the other with twenty-three other naked dolls. At the end of the day, I look around the living room and say, “why are there so many toys everywhere, ouch!” I just stepped on a Shopkins, “is that the wrapper from a crayon, beads, is that beads all over the table?”

I know I’m not alone, I am sure other moms are experiencing their house being taken over by toys everywhere. I just wanted to let you know that I get it. Most households have way too many toys, my kids get overwhelmed because of all the options they have. I believe that’s why they don’t end up playing with anything. Most of their toys end up under the dresser or couch anyway.

The more toys they have, the more they want! Have you ever heard your toddler in the distance running so fast stumbling over a pile of toys and as they get closer you hear them yelling “I want it, I want it, mommy, I want the talking Luvabella baby, she’s so cute.” That’s how it all starts – TV commercials, YouTube videos, magazines, store displays, and other kids. They see it, they want it!

Ever see a kid occupied with a general household item? Well, sometimes thinking outside the box simply means items like a box to spark creativity. I’m going to share with you a few tips on how to focus on quality over quantity. I’ve learned less is more so it’s time to take back your living room moms! 

Purchase Toys that Encourage your Child to Learn
Buy toys that bring out the creative side of your child. Let them experience imaginative play and what it’s like to work together. Games are perfect for teaching your child sportsmanship and how to be a good team player. Dollhouses and accessories help your child bring out their creative side. Legos, blocks, magnets and other building toys help your child use their imagination to put the pieces together and build something from scratch.

Display Books and Make Them Accessible
A child’s first option isn’t always choosing a book to read. If you want to encourage your child to read more try displaying the books on a bookshelf and making them accessible to choose from. The more attractive the book display is the more interest your child will have.

Clear-out & Donate Toys
This is one of the hardest things to do, choosing what to get rid of. Make this a fun activity by telling your child know that they must get rid of some old toys to make room for new toys. There is no reason why your 1st grader needs a happy meal toy from four years ago. Let your child choose some decent toys to donate to those in need, have them put a few toys in a box and then take a trip to a local toy donation center.

Rotate your Child’s Toys
It’s a daily toy battle, but you don’t need to rotate their favorite toys or a stuffed animal that’s special to them. Just rotate a few toys so they don’t get bored or lose interest in playing with the same toy over and over. There is no set schedule when to rotate the toys, do what works best for you. I try to rotate them once a month.

Display & Organize Toys
Do not give your child one big bin and expect them to keep their toys organized. Set them up for success! For example, we have a toy kitchen and next to the toy kitchen I put a 3-drawer bin. Each drawer holds different items, the first draw has all the pretend food and drinks, the 2nd draw has plates, bowls, cups, knives and forks, and the third draw has pots, spoons, strainers, and lids.

Displaying toys that have a special meaning to your child on a bookcase or toy storage is a great way to keep them organized. My older daughter loves to collect Shopkins and Hatchimals when she comes across a rare one, she likes to store them inside of a pencil box on the top shelf of her bookcase. This ensures her little sister can’t get to them.

This is just a few of my go-to steps to keeping toys organized, creativity peaked and Mommy sane! Remember less is more and quality time with you will never go out of style. 

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Annie Makhanlall is The Co-owner & Founder of Spectacular Creations – South Florida, LLC., and Broward Mom Collective, LLC. She brings creativity and sparkle to everything that she does. Her designs include the most exquisite personalized gifts and her followers are always looking forward to using her savvy couponing skills! She manages her “Sparkle Empire” smoothly while staying super busy with her two sassy girls. She’s is the mom that walks down the hall with 2 bookbags on her shoulders; lunch bags in one hand and coffee in the other all the while managing to take pictures of her daughters… Yes, that is Annie! Amidst her busy schedule, she also continues to volunteer and give back to her community. A never-ending sharpie box readily accessible, she is constantly organizing in the hopes of finding the best alternative to simplify life. Annie’s ability to do all this while still making time for her favorite things is inspirational. She enjoys spending quality time with her family; creating arts and crafts; holding nostalgic family picnics at the park; baking and decorating delicious cookies and adding glitter to just about everything she does!


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