Mom’s Breastfeeding Faves


To finish off World Breastfeeding Week (and since August is National  Breastfeeding month) we’re sharing our favorite breastfeeding essentials. From what to wear and helping to build up your supply, we have you covered!

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The BEST Nursing Sports Bra – Tried and true, this “nursing” sports bra is a heavy lifter and stylish too! It took a month-of-Sunday’s to finally find a sports bra that performs double duty of working out and nursing out, but it was SO worth it. This one doesn’t disappoint and with the different color options it can be worn long after your nursing journey is over. And yes mama, it actually looks THIS good on to!

Nursing Tank Set – Layering makes feeding or pumping on the go easy and modest without using a cover. This was the most comfortable out of all of the styles I tried. Also, the insert pads stayed better (the other ones fell out every time I would wash them).

Clip-on pumping bra – This is a huge help! No need to change bras, just clip this onto your nursing tank or bra to pump wherever you are. There is more than 1 way to be a breastfeeding mom!

Multi-Use Nursing Cover – This is great to have if you prefer to use a cover while nursing but I especially used it for pumping at work on days when I did not layer tops (I wore a dress for a meeting or a more fitted shirt). Since this could be worn as a scarf or used as a car seat cover also, it really came in good use for a variety of occasions.

Earth Mama Organic Nipple Butter – Sore and cracked nipples definitely DO NOT help with breastfeeding success. This cream helps a ton and is safe for babies to eat so it can be applied before/after nursing, and you don’t need to wipe it off. Also, since it is safe for babies, when my son had some peeling or cracking skin on his hands or feet, I rubbed this on to help smooth and soothe his skin!

Lansinoh Soothies Breast Pads – When your nipples are in pain, breastfeeding becomes even more challenging. Soothe sore, cracked nipples with these pads. Extra cooling relief if you store these in the fridge! They can be used to keep from bra friction and discomfort and are reusable up to 72 hours.

Lansinoh Pearl Breast Therapy Pack – These therapy packs offer 2 types of relief: Cold therapy to help relieve engorgement and hot therapy which can encourage milk let-downs and relieve pain from plugged ducts and mastitis. Also, this product’s design allows it to be used with breast pumps to encourage let down and reduce pump time!

Nature Bond Milk Catcher – Wow! I wish I knew about this product from day ONE of  breastfeeding. The concept in a nutshell is baby is nursing on one breast and this little piece of magic creates a suction on the other side and naturally extracts milk from the opposite breast at the same time = No lopsided feeling post nursing. All leakage is secured and maybe actually enough for another feeding depending upon your flow. I found this genius product a few months into my journey and was over the moon about it! If this is not on your baby list, hit Add to Cart…like now!  (You can thank us later 🙂

Multi-functional Diaper Bag – An essential to travel with your pump and all of its parts. I also liked the front opening feature to leave the pump in the bag when pumping on car rides (most of my pumping happened on my commute!) keep this stocked with extra pump parts, pump wipes, and sterilizer bags so you are always ready to pump at work or wherever you may need to. Plus, since this is actually a diaper bag, it has pockets for bottles which can be used for pump bottles and many extra storage pockets.

Compact Nursing Pillow – We love the portability and versatility of this style. Easy to travel with, clean and use ANYWHERE! No more big bulky at-home only nursing pillows. Bring this anywhere and use it in a variety of nursing positions.

Extra Boost Browffins – This is the softest, moistest, “fudgy treat” that is sure to be your new household favorite. This is the “go to” when you need a serious boost in milk production. Buyer be warned, you and your significant other may argue over who’s going to have the last bite! Made locally, right here in Broward ensures they are always fresh. We recommend buying extra and freezing a bag so you never run out, milk emergencies happen and besides, they are that good!

Lactation Cookies – These lactation cookies provide extra nutritional value while excluding the dairy you don’t want. Perfect post-pump/feed snack to have on a daily basis.

Guinness Foreign Extra Stout Beer – When drought, reach for a stout! Darker beers have lactic acid which help to promote milk production. Sit back, relax and boost up your supply!

FTL Moms Blog Tumbler – DRINK MORE WATER! Probably the top breastmilk supply advice. This awesome 30 oz tumbler will help keep you hydrated and milk producing in style.

Dream Dinners Sunrise – Proper nutrition is key to keeping your milk production at a premium. There’s no hunger quite like a breastfeeding mama trying to do it all! To help satisfy that hunger and we’ve teamed up with Dream Dinners Sunrise. 

Check out one of this month’s cravable offerings…Creamy Chicken Florentine Tortellini and their exclusive offer below!

At Dream Dinners Sunrise we know life can get a little hectic with your new little one, so here’s a little gift from us to you: (3) months free Made For You meal assembly… that’s a total savings of $75!

[*Valid for new moms up to six months with your first three consecutive standard orders. Don’t forget to mention Fort Lauderdale Moms Blog when placing your ordering.]

Have you tried any of our Breastfeeding faves? Let us know what you think below!


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