Prepping for Anything, Ready for Everything…on a Budget!


If you have $5 to $10 dollars a week you can build a stockpile for a family of FIVE.

If you live in a hurricane or tornado alley, then you need to be prepped for not “if it will happen”, but “when it will happen.” Don’t panic if you are unsure of where to start, we can help get started and do it on a dime. The first rule is only stock-up on the things you will actually use or normally buy. If you only use organic, then only buy organic. It may cost you a bit more, but this will ensure that it will get used and rotated out. You prep for the “what if”, hope you covered all the “maybes” and then you use your stock before the expiration date and then, you do it all over again. If nothing happens, great! When something happens, anything…you’ll be ready. So basically you are long-term grocery shopping so you are always prepared no matter the “threat”.

First things first, make sure you have a first aid kit with all your essentials. Have your family give you a list of there top five things they cannot live without. Don’t rush out only to get what you can afford. Remember everything is on a cycle and on sale, use coupons whenever you can to cut cost. There’s no better time than today to start building your stockpile. Remember this is not something that happens overnight. Have patience and only buy what your family uses and what you predict will need. 

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A good place to start is your local grocery stores or bulk discount stores such as Costco, Sams Club, or BJ’s. If you can’t find it there check Amazon, Thrive or Essential Depot online. Below is a list of basic food groups that will sustain you and your family. This is just to give you an idea of what well rounded prepping looks like for a family of five. Keep in mind I typically have 20 or more pounds of the essentials on hand. If you only eat brown rice, then you focus on building a brown rice supply. In my family, we stock Jasmine, White, and Brown Rice because that is typically what I cook.

This list should give you insight into a preppers way of life and should guide you through the basics. Feel free to add your family’s basics and you wish. 


1. Rice

2. Flour

3. Sugar

4. Honey

5. Pasta

6. Canned Vegetables

7. Canned Fruit

8. Basic Spices

9. Butter (it can freeze)

10. Eggs

11. Bread

12. Peanut butter

13. Cereal

14. Canned Meat

15. Crackers

16. Canned Soup

17. Mac and Cheese

18. Juice

19. Tea

20. Toilet paper

21. Paper towels

22. Laundry soap

23. Snacks

24. Coffee

25. Bread and cake mix

26. Jams and Jellies

27. Cleaning supplies

28. Soap

29. shampoo and conditioner

30. Oats

31.Powdered Milk

32. Otc Medicine

33. Propane tanks for a small burner or grill

Don’t forget the sweets, celebrations supplies and fun stuff for kiddos. 


We hope this provides a starting point and a glimpse inside a prepper’s world. Are you a prepper? If you are, we’d love to hear from you. Show us your stockpile or comment below with your best tips, and tricks to building your stockpile.


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Sarana Minick was born in Trinidad and now lives in Pembroke Pines. She is a stay-at-home mom to three very active kids, two girls eleven and ten and one baby boy who is nine. She is a proud military wife and self-proclaimed volunteer junkie. Her kids are very involved in competitive cheerleading and recreational soccer, and both girl and boy scouts. They love traveling, saving money, camping and glitter! It takes all kinds of teachers, family, and friends to help shape our kid’s; so welcome to our journey and let’s help each other along the way!”


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