10 Fun Tips For Spring Cleaning With The Kids



Spring is here and you know what that means …..SPRING CLEANING!!! Who else is excited? I know my girls are not. I always try to make everything fun for the girls especially when it comes to cleaning and organizing. My girls started helping out at a young age with age-appropriate tasks.

Play Music

Listening to music can get everyone into “cleaning mode” from pop to rock and classical to 80’s there’s a tune for everyone. There’s something about singing and dancing with your family …it doesn’t even seem like your cleaning.

The Matching Socks Game

I’m sure everyone knows this game. We are always finding odd socks everywhere. While cleaning and organizing put all the socks you find into one basket. When you finish organizing throw all the socks out and see how many pairs of socks everyone can match. 

Fashion Show

This is a family hit and one of my favorite activities. Cleaning out the closet always seems like a lot of work and no one ever wants to do it. The kids don’t like going through their closets or cleaning out any of their drawers. Just change the wording and say “lets have a fashion show” and your kids will be excited to go through their closet trying on their clothes and they can easily put what doesn’t fit them into a donation pile.

Treasure Hunt

Yes, a treasure hunt is similar to an Easter Egg Hunt, we use the leftover eggs from Easter and “hide” them in hard to find places (places that needs a deep cleaning) such as behind the couch or under the bed.

Sticker Rewards

This is always fun for the little ones, print out a few tasks on a sheet of paper and every time a task is completed they get a sticker. For example, a few of my tasks are closet, under the bed, organize desk, drawers, toy bins, kitchen spices, crayons/markets, etc.

The Sorting Game

This is one of my favorite tasks to have the kids complete. Everything has a place and over-time they get mis-placed. Books go on the bookshelf, cords go in the electronics bin, toys go into the correct toy bin, etc.

Coin Collection

While cleaning and organizing everyone has their own “coin cup” and any coins or bills we come across we add it into our cup. This activity can also double as a math lesson, the kids can learn about currency while adding. Whoever has the most gets to keep it all.

Create a Points Chart

My girls like the points chart, this is similar to the Sticker Rewards instead they get points for each activity. Whoever gets the most points get to choose where we go for our cleaning reward. My husband always tries to get the most points and then the kids step up their game because “dad cannot choose” the reward location.

Cleaning Game

This is a tough one, the whole point of Spring Cleaning is cleaning, right? Well, maybe in our house its to see who can get their room the most cleaned and organized! Everyone walks into everyone else’s room with a clipboard and we each judge to see who has the best room. The one with the best room has no chores for one month!!!

Prize Bin

Grab a few items from the dollar store or Target dollar spot, coloring books, slime, stamps, bubbles, crafts, decorations, and anything else you know your kids love. Reward them for doing a great job and have them pick a prize.

These are some of my favorite #springcleaninghacks! I hope you find them helpful if you have any spring cleaning hacks be sure to share!

Original Publish Date: 3-30-2021


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