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Why Partner with Broward Mom Collective?

Broward Mom Collective is written for local Moms, by local Moms. Supporting local businesses is important to us and we want to expose our readers to products and services available right here in Broward County and the surrounding areas. Partnering with us allows your business greater visibility with a large targeted market of local families.
Local moms come directly to our website and social media platforms to find relevant information and helpful resources, including product recommendations, upcoming events, new businesses in town, activities parenting advice, and everyday inspiration.
In most households, mom is the “Chief Decision Maker”. She is making the every day choices about any and everything: what foods to purchase at the grocery store, what upcoming events to attend with her friends and family, what new restaurants to try, what new books her children will be reading or what products her children will be playing with. Our audience is eager to learn about what products and services will make their lives as moms richer, and we at Broward Mom Collective are committed to bringing them brands that we know they will love.
We offer creative and affordable ways to promote relevant content to our readers, including image ads, sponsored posts, giveaways, event sponsorship and more!
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We are helping small and large businesses grow and expand, increasing visibility and interest within our Broward County community. If you are a business based in Broward County and/or interested in reaching families in the Broward area, we’d love to hear from you and discuss a potential partnership. Please keep in mind that our target audience is moms, kids and families, and we only promote products, services and events that we feel are a good fit for our audience.
Our goal is to create a community of local moms who can share real-life experiences and valued opinions with each other. At Broward Mom Collective, we know moms trust each other, and the integrity of what we advertise is very important to us.
Our primary focus is delivering valuable content and resources to our readers while promoting and connecting them to local businesses like yours. Our audience is trying new products and services because another mom recommended them, they’ve seen the business name on our network or featured in a place they trust to provide information that’s relevant to their lives and their motherhood journey. 
If you’ve never looked into digital advertising with a network like ours before, you might be surprised at what’s being offered – it’s unlike anything you’ll ever see in traditional media! Consumers are tired of watching commercials and reading the newspaper. 
Broward Mom Collective is specifically designed to connect and engage moms and families in our community, providing relevant information and helpful resources, including product reviews, business openings, local events and more. We offer creative and affordable ways to promote relevant content to our readers, including image ads, sponsored posts and giveaways. Check out some of our advertising options above.