Courtney Colon

Courtney Colon
I'm Courtney Colon, a dedicated mother of two wonderful young children. My journey has been marked by compassion and care, as I've not only nurtured my own family but also selflessly served as a surrogate in the past. In my professional life, I proudly wear the badge of a Deputy Sheriff with Broward County, ensuring the safety and security of my community. But my true passion lies in the well-being of children. As the founder and owner of Softopolis Children's Wellness Center in Coral Springs, Florida, I've created a haven for young minds and bodies. At Softopolis, we prioritize the holistic health and development of every child, offering a nurturing environment where they can flourish emotionally, physically, and mentally. It's a privilege to provide a space where young hearts can thrive and families find support.

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