Madala Yang

From the land of 10,000 lakes to the Sunshine State, meet Madala, also known as Dala! This wife and mom of a toddler girl is a Jack of all trades. Dala is a stay-at-home mom who runs her businesses as an esthetician, full-spectrum doula, fitness coach, and a birth and lifestyle photographer with a little bit of energy work on the side. WHEW! Did you run out of breath saying that last sentence? Probably not as much as Dala does while running behind her toddler, running her household, and running her small businesses! She believes, like most moms, somebody has to do it. When Dala has a moment to herself, she enjoys CrossFit, cooking, being outdoors, good music, and just being around her loved ones. This down-to-earth mama is an empath on a mission to touch and change as many lives as possible with kindness and love everywhere she goes.

To Pee-Pee And Poo-Poo Or Not

When you hear the saying "time flys" it is very accurate. I know moms feel this too because you look at your baby, and now they will be fifteen months old! We are thinking...