Nicole Gonzalez-Cumberbatch

Nicole Gonzalez-Cumberbatch
Nicole Gonzalez-Cumberbatch is a proud wife and mother. She is also a podcast host; discussing honest, raw, and real conversations about motherhood, life, and everything in between. Professionally, Nicole is a small business consultant. She successfully supports small business owners with the mundane & complicated tasks of bookkeeping, human resources, and administrative processes & procedures. Her addition to serving the moms in our community is priceless, as she continues to show up daily to educate, empower and support them. She believes that all mamas know best and creates a space for them at "The Motherhood Village."
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Honest And Real Stories About Motherhood And Beyond

  It truly takes a village to raise a child, and the more informed we are; the better decisions we can make that will positively affect us, and help to shape and develop our families. ...