Saving Dollars While Having A Blast This Summer


Hello Summer! This momma must get her summer plans in order. I am a mom of three and always looking for the best deals!

Here are a few ways to have a great summer while saving money. 


First, if you have not yet done so and love to bowl, sign your kids up with This gives your kids two free bowling games every day of summer at participating locations near you. Parents, if you want to join in on the fun, they have a minimal fee.

Summer Passes 

These next two summer passes are a must if you like to go to different attractions throughout summer. I priced it out if I would go to them individually, just myself and my three kids; this is the best option for us.

Summer savings pass is $49.99 for kids +tax and $59.99+tax for adults. You have unlimited visits to:

  • Lion Country Safari
  • Zoo Miami
  • COX Museum

Until August 31, 2022. If you are a member of any of these locations, you get $25 off your summer pass.

By the way, the COX museum offers a $3.00 entrance for those with WIC or SNAP.

South Florida Adventure pass; just like the pass mentioned prior, this is $35 for kids and $45 for adults; the pass includes:

  • Butterfly world
  • Flamingo Gardens
  • Museum of Discovery and Science 
  • Sawgrass Recreation Park with unlimited visits also all summer long.
Summer Reading Programs
  • Check your local libraries for the summer reading program, it’s free to join, and the kids can win prizes too!
  • Don’t forget the book it programs with pizza hut! Kids earn free pizza for reading all summer long, create a login and register your kids.
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Christine Reyes
Christine Reyes is a single mother of three, ages ten , six, and four . Her 6-year-old is a NICU miracle. She is also a stepmom to three older boys. For 18 years, she has been both general ed and special education teacher. Her life experiences have given her the resilience to take on any task. She has many hobbies and interests, some of which are going to the beach, taking her family to Disney World, traveling with family, photography, and crafting to name a few. Her influence and personality allow her to inspire other moms and families to learn about various topics such as taking care of children with special needs, fertility issues, developing early learning skills for children, understanding IEPs/504s, navigating the many ups and downs that are part of a NICU stay as well as the transition home and life after the NICU. Christine now owns her own business specializing in naturally based haircare, skincare, wellness and mental health products while also doing all that comes with being a mom too! Her journey is truly inspiring, regardless of all the trials that she has endured, she still manages to face life with a positive attitude, and always finds time to give back to women in the community.


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