Get Relaxing While Dealing with Relaxin!


During pregnancy, the hormone relaxin plays a key role in preparing the body for childbirth by promoting increased flexibility and mobility in certain areas. This is essential, but it also can cause you to place extra stress on your back, neck, and especially hips.

As for how Culture Chiropractic Care can help during this period of pregnancy.
Here’s a breakdown:

Joint Alignment: For moms during pregnancy this is crucial as relaxin loosens ligaments, and proper alignment can help prevent discomfort and ensure optimal function.

Supporting Pelvic Health: With relaxin affecting the pelvic ligaments, Dr. Patricia can work on balancing the pelvis. This can address misalignments, particularly in the sacrum, and contribute to pelvic health. This is often overlooked, and your traditional chiropractor who is not trained in Webster Technique (a special technique specific to pregnancy) may not know what  to look for! For more information on the technique, check out this link! 

Alleviating Discomfort: Chiropractic adjustments, whether manual or instrument-assisted, can help alleviate discomfort associated with changes in your body during pregnancy. This includes addressing issues like lower back pain, hip discomfort, and pubic pain. We also make sure our moms leave with exercises to do at home to alleviate pain and help hold their adjustments. Like this core exercise! 

Tailored Techniques: At Culture, we use pregnancy-specific equipment, such as pregnancy pillows, to ensure the comfort of expecting mothers during adjustments. This allows them to receive care in a position that accommodates the changes in their bodies.

Spinal Health: Chiropractic care focuses on maintaining spinal health, which is crucial for the optimal function of the nervous system. This can contribute to overall well-being during pregnancy.

Balancing Ligaments: A super common issue we see every week is imbalances in ligaments, particularly those supporting the uterus. Getting this checked and treated  can contribute to a more comfortable pregnancy experience.

Educating Moms-to-Be: We pride ourselves in providing information and education to expecting mothers about the beautiful journey to becoming a mother. We know treatment goes well beyond the office. And we are here to fully support our Culture tribe.

In Health, Dr. Patricia 

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