Get Sexy With Your Man’s Work Shirt


One thing about women, in my opinion, is that we can create fashion out of anything. Men’s clothes in particular! We’re going to have a great time rocking your child’s dad’s or a man’s button-up work shirt, mamas. Numerous techniques exist for creating fashion. A wardrobe staple for every occasion and taste, the traditional men’s button-up shirt may be dressed up or down to fit any mood. These fashionable techniques will help you show off a button-up shirt with flair for both formal and casual occasions with a pair of jeans.


Traditional Tuck-In Halfway: If you want to look put together and professional, tuck the shirt into a skirt, simple pants, or high-waisted pants.

A Blazer and His Shirt: You can either button the shirt up to the top or leave a few buttons open with a blazer. Have some fun with in the spring by adding some colors.

Inverted Shoulder: Wear the shirt off one shoulder and leave the top buttons undone for a carefree, laid-back look. 

Add a Belt: Yes, add a nice belt or even a waist chain to keep it a simple and fashionable twist.

Tried Up with Style: You can either tie it in the front or backwards with some jeans, shorts, or even a skirt. Have fun with your look and throw on a hat.

Button Open with an Under Top or Bra: Button up the top few button leaving it a little open with either a tank top , crop top, or bra for fun pop. You can also rock a flashy, neon , or sparkling top, bra, or crop top to dress it up.

Knot Front: For a stylish, cropped style, tie the shirt’s bottom into a knot at the waist.

Here are some additional ways you can pair and style his button-up work shirt:

Under a Dress: Add complexity to your ensemble by wearing the shirt open over a dress to act as a lightweight jacket.

Inside of leggings: Wear the big shirt with leggings and tie a belt around your waist for a stylish yet cozy look.

As a Dress: Wear the shirt as a dress by dress it down with boots or heels and a belt around the waist for support.

Oriented: Wear the shirt open with shorts or trousers and a tank top or camisole for a layered look.

For a carefree, summertime style, tuck the shirt into a pair of high-waisted shorts and roll up the sleeves.

These stylistic choices are flexible and can be tailored to fit different events and individual tastes. Please feel free to share pictures of you styling his shirt and tag our Facebook or Instagram @browardmomcollective & to my personal page Instagram @niajayebwe. Remember ladies you are the brand, when you look good you feel good.



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Jeania Pierre
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