Three Postpartum Things That are NOT Normal!


Parenthood is an incredible journey, but the changes your body undergoes postpartum can sometimes leave you feeling like you’re navigating uncharted territory. At Culture Chiropractic, we understand that the postpartum period comes with its unique set of challenges, and we’ve been proudly caring for postpartum mommas for the past 5 years.

Through our experience, we’ve learned that while some changes may seem “weird,” they are entirely normal. Sweaty feet, for example, are just your body’s way of shedding excess fluid. However, there are aspects of postpartum life that, although common, are not normal. 

  1. Low Back Pain After Childbirth: Low back pain is often dismissed as a “normal” part of aging. However, at Culture Chiropractic, we believe that normal joints shouldn’t hurt, regardless of age. Postpartum low back pain is a common issue, but it’s never normal. Labor is tough, and your body undergoes a rapid transformation during pregnancy. Our specialized care can help you transition back to a pain-free and comfortable state.

  2. Stress Incontinence: Experiencing leaks when you laugh, sneeze, cough, or jump is not normal. This is known as stress incontinence, a sign of pelvic floor muscle dysfunction. Our expertise in addressing pelvic floor issues can provide effective solutions, helping you regain control and confidence.

  3. Breastfeeding Discomfort: Breastfeeding shouldn’t cause pain in your breasts, neck, back, or shoulders/arms. It’s a common reason why some moms stop breastfeeding prematurely. Our chiropractic care, tailored for both moms and babies, involves gentle soft tissue releases and adjustments to ensure a comfortable breastfeeding experience.

    Take Charge of Your Postpartum Wellness

    If any of these challenges sound familiar, don’t hesitate to seek treatment. We are specifically trained to address postpartum issues. Remember, just because these challenges are common doesn’t mean they are normal. With our expert care, you can navigate your postpartum journey with confidence and comfort.

    Don’t let discomfort become your new normal. Schedule your appointment with Culture Chiropractic today and let us help you reclaim your postpartum wellness!

    In Health, Dr. Patricia

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