Ready or Not Here It Comes!


Back to school is here, so let’s do this!

Summer’s end marks the chaotic back-to-school rush. Moms, we get it! The endless checklist of uniforms, new clothes, and school supplies can be overwhelming. But fear not, you’re not alone. We’re here to support you! Stay organized by creating a checklist, involving kids in prep, and utilizing online shopping for convenience. Plan lunches in advance and establish a routine. Remember, you’re capable of tackling it all. Take a deep breath, and trust that you’ve got this!

If you are a busy household and have kids in different grades like me, then it can get overwhelming when trying to plan. Here are a few tips on getting started for back to school with your kiddos for all the ages this year! 

Preschoolers – Just Getting Started! 
  • Gradual Transition: Ease your child into the routine by practicing shorter separations before the big day.
  • Label Everything: Label your child’s belongings to avoid mix-ups and help them take responsibility.
  • Communicate: Stay in touch with the teacher to ensure a smooth adjustment and address any concerns.
  • Pack Essentials: Prepare a backpack with an extra set of clothes, snacks, and any required medications.
  • Positive Farewell: Make goodbyes cheerful and reassure your child that you’ll be back to pick them up.
Ready For Kindergarten

  • School Visits: Familiarize your child with the school environment through visits and meet-and-greets.
  • Organize Supplies: Help your child organize their school supplies and practice using them at home.
  • Morning Routine: Establish a consistent morning routine to ease the transition to early wake-up times.
  • Encourage Independence: Foster independence by teaching skills like tying shoelaces and using the restroom.
  • Emotional Support: Be prepared for mixed emotions and offer reassurance as they adapt to their new routine.
Elementary School

  • Routine Reinforcement: Maintain a consistent daily schedule to help your child feel secure and confident.
  • Homework Zone: Create a designated homework area with necessary supplies to promote focus and productivity.
  • Healthy Meals: Pack nutritious lunches and snacks to fuel their learning and keep them energized.
  • Stay Engaged: Attend school events and engage with teachers to stay informed about your child’s progress.
  • Encourage Interests: Support your child’s extracurricular activities and hobbies to boost their self-esteem.
Middle School & Pre-Teens

  • Time Management: Teach your child time management skills to balance school, activities, and responsibilities.
  • Open Communication: Keep lines of communication open to discuss any challenges or concerns they might have.
  • Tech Guidelines: Set boundaries for screen time and help them develop responsible digital habits.
  • Peer Relationships: Guide your child in navigating friendships and social dynamics with empathy and respect.
  • Goal Setting: Encourage goal-setting and celebrate their achievements to boost their motivation.
Teens & High School

  • Responsibility Boost: Empower your teen to take charge of their studies, organization, and personal goals.
  • College Prep: Start discussions about future plans, college applications, and career aspirations.
  • Stress Management: Teach them stress-relief techniques and the importance of self-care during busy times.
  • Time for Passion: Support their interests and hobbies, fostering a healthy balance between academics and passions.
  • Open Doors: Maintain an open-door policy, being there to listen, advise, and guide them through challenges.

Summer’s end marks a return to the bustling school routine. As you prepare for the school year ahead, remember to take things one step at a time. Stay organized, communicate openly with your children, get them involved with chores to help out and don’t forget to carve out moments for yourself. Embrace the excitement of new beginnings, and know that with your love and support, you’re helping your kids thrive in every chapter of their education journey.

You got this! 💪 #BackToSchoolBlues #MomsRock


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