Our Local “Mompreneurs” Are On The Rise!



Hi! My Name is Anna Nicolau

South Florida Trainer

 A Local Mompreneur

…… and here is a quick glimpse into my life!

“I am a local- mompreneur! I am excited to be featured on Broward Mom Collective’s Network!

We are a family of four kids, my husband and I, and two very energetic dogs. Most mornings, I wake up at 5 am, prepare breakfast for the kids and my husband. I leave to go set up for my first camp at 6 am. After the first camp, I go home and pick up our 5-year-old to take him to school and then go back to teach the second camp at 8:30am. After the second camp, I teach Barre and Pilates classes at a nearby dance studio, Dance FX. At about 11 am, I am done teaching classes and then making calls, responding to emails, and organizing the afternoon schedule. I run a full-time real estate business. That could take my afternoon in any direction possible, either that I have showings of properties, inspection, contracts to write, negotiations, or simply working on the marketing part of it. In the afternoon, I pick up the little one from school, help him with homework while I’m working. Preparing dinner for our family and some evening I ran camp from 6 pm to 7 pm. At 8 pm is bedtime for the boys, so I usually spend a little time with them. After everyone is asleep, I still have real estate work to do. I finish or prepare for the next morning’s camp. I don’t have a bedtime as the amount of work dictates that.

Some days I teach fitness classes at 24 Hour Fitness gym, and On the weekend, I teach 3-5-year-old’s hip-hop tap and ballet at the famous Dance FX Studio in Sunrise, and I am also a Board of Directors in my community. Although my days are always full schedule, I love what I do because I feel like I have a purpose. I am grateful for my husband’s help every day as I cannot always be in two places at once!

Camp Gladiator is a community-based outdoor training. We get together to work out, but we get together to help each other and help our community. The camp runs Monday, Wednesday at @6PM and Tuesday, Thursday at 6:00 AM and 8:30 AM.

We run FREE community workouts every five weeks, and we usually partner up with organizations to help collect items needed for the community.

I am offering everyone that would like to try it a One Week Free class, We are also offering a 4-Week FREE work-out Program, Please provide BMCMOM, to get this special offer!

Thank you, I hope to meet more moms right here in Broward to connect and support each as we learn and grow together while building our community we are #bettertogether.”

Anna Nicolau
South Florida Trainer





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