It’s Official :: We are now Broward Mom Collective!


Broward Mom Collective is a locally-focused parent resource company serving all of Broward County. We are the positive voice for mothers by connecting them to resources and parenting outlooks unique to their communities; We support women during all stages of motherhood by creating meaningful relationships and partnerships within the community.

We have expanded our team, and grown as we continue with the same mission, to encourage, empower and inspire moms in Broward county through providing stories of real life experiences, content, events, building our community while bringing businesses together.

The Broward Mom Collective team is so excited to support Mothers on their journey and create a diverse and inclusive space, welcoming mothers in all the different stages of their life. We are on a path together to provide a place for moms to connect, grow and learn about each other as we raise our children in this ever-changing society!

Being a part of our team gives you the chance to connect with other moms just like you, and learn and grow with each other by sharing your story. You never know who you could help. We offer a variety of educational resources, different platforms to support you exactly where you need it the most. Finally we opened a space for moms to collaborate, and take action in making a difference in the local community and utilize their professional skill sets and unleash your creative side.

Our goal is to build our team to represent the face of Broward and have an inclusive space for all of our baby-wearing and stroller mamas, moms of teens, twins, toddlers, all boys, all girls, a mix of the two, only one child, adoptive moms, step-moms, single, married, traditional moms, and more!

We are passionate about parenting and our community; we strive to connect area moms to relevant resources, local businesses, can’t-miss happenings, and, most of all — each other!

While our updated look and feel may be different, we will always continue to grow with our original purpose in place: to connect and build our Broward Mom Collective community.

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Let’s Welcome Our New Contributors to the team!


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