Staying Safe: Do you know where your Safe Zone is?


As a mom, we all need help sometimes, whether it’s a reassurance, advice, or help with materialistic things. Social media is a great avenue for all three of these things. I’m guilty of being a part of those moms groups. They’re helpful in so many ways. Sometimes you’re able to find out information that you wouldn’t have known otherwise, like what events are going on this weekend in your city. Or if you’re in need of something like a car seat or stroller but don’t currently have the funds to buy these items, you can find moms giving these items away for free as their children have outgrown them. I actually got an almost $400 double stroller used almost brand new for nothing. I was so thankful because had it not been for this mom giving the stroller away, I probably would not have been able to buy it myself. However, it’s not always so pretty and we need to cautious of who we talk to, what information we give out, and where we meet people when exchanging goods. Whether you’re giving something away or receiving.

Recently in the news, a 19-year-old mother, Marlen Ochoa-Lopez, from Chicago was 9 months pregnant and in need of items for her baby boy that would soon be making his arrival.  She met another mom through a Facebook moms group who said she had baby boy clothes to give her and arranged to have her pick the clothes up from her home. Marlen went to meet with this person but ended up never picking up her son from daycare, causing her family to report her missing. The mom and baby have now been found. Unfortunately, the mom is no longer alive and the baby is in grave condition in the hospital. What Marlen went through was very tragic and heartbreaking, but goes to show us that it can also happen to any of us.

When making any kind of trade, be sure of doing so in a safe location. The Coconut Creek Police Department offers a safe zone in their lobby so that you have a safe place to meet and have peace of mind with face to face interaction. A lot of cities offer something similar. Make sure to check with your city and see what they offer as their safe zones.

Always try to bring someone with you. Try to not be alone when making trades, as it makes you more susceptible to dangerous situations. However, if you must meet alone be sure to always make sure someone knows what you’re doing, where you’re going and who you’re meeting with. Also, always be sure to meet at a place that you’re familiar with. I always send my location to at least two people, give names of who I’m meeting and a description of what I’m doing and to please check on me if I’m not heard from in a certain time frame. It may sound like a lot, but it will help someone know where to look for you if something does occur.

It’s okay to ask for help, it’s okay to find things cheaper than you would in the store and buy them from someone else, but let’s do things wisely and safely. Be safe mommas, buy and sell from a safe zone and don’t become a victim! 


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