FTL Forum: 2020 School Year


What are your feelings on SCHOOL this Fall?

Virtual, Homeschool, Face-to-face, micro-schooling, a combo?

Each option presents its own sets of challenges during this difficult time and we know there is no easy answer here.

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“We’ll be homeschooling because our family has the tremendous privilege to have me working part time from home. I’m also a credentialed teacher so I’m comfortable educating my own children.”

-Claudia Mancilla


“Schools need to open. Students and parents need this option open to them. You don’t feel safe sending your kid to school? Cool. Don’t. Allow for them to have the distance learning option that should be readily available to them. If you’re a teacher who doesn’t feel safe being in the presence of others during COVID, don’t teach. Or teach from home the students that will be partaking in distance learning. There are plenty of teachers who want to teach. There needs to be the OPTION for parents to send their children to school so they can get back to work and have some semblance of normalcy. Who’s to pay for the child care during normal school hours? Who’s to monitor the children who are supposed to be learning on line if his or her parents are working? Sure, let’s throw a bunch of impressionable, attention-needing sponges of children on to the internet to fend for them selves when their supposed to be safe in school LEARNING, engaging, building their confidence. We are so cognizant of our children being bullied and preventing it, but do you know how easily this will occur now? Cyber bullying is at an all time high, can you imagine how it’s going to be when we’re replacing 6-7 hours a day of school time with the internet? Life is hard enough with the screens, the TVs, the video games that turn these children into little zombies. We’re just adding to this problem. There are teachers who want to teach. Let them. There are parents who need their kids in school. Let them. I’m worried about my little kindergartner, what about the older kids? What about my niece who cant even take her SATs and get in the mindset for college. The elementary school kids who so crave the structure of what a classroom provides. I know moms. I am one. Most of them agree with this. Again, there needs to be the option of face to face school time for these kids. Enough is enough.”

-Stephanie Barbuto Sidler


“It’s a hard choice for parents that don’t have options. I hope that employers are willing to work something out for their employees who have children.”



“I am not in Florida (I’m in Québec), but thus far, elementary school kids will be all going back full-time at the end of August.
Here we have kindergarten, elementary from 1 to 6 and then high school, from 1 to 5.

For high school, 1 to 3, going back full-time also IN SCHOOL, but they will keep the same physical class and group and teachers will move from class to class, instead of the opposite. And high school students will have to wear masks on the bus, but not elementary school kids. And we don’t know yet who will have transportation once school starts!

For high school year 4 and 5, they will be both at home and in class. I don’t know yet how they will manage…

Good luck to all of you! This will be a complicated mess for everyone..”

-Annie Plante


“As of today, and things change on a daily basis around here, I don’t feel comfortable sending my daughter back to school yet. I’m saddened about this decision because this was a big year for us, she was starting “big girl” school! But right now with our numbers as high as they are (isn’t crazy that 10,000 a day doesn’t even sound that bad anymore!) and no real way to protect a small child (vaccine doesn’t exist yet, experts say masks at that age actually make them touch their face and shields only block spit) I can’t justify sending her to school to myself if I’m being offered other options. I know some parents will HAVE to send their kids to school because they have to work, so I feel it’s my duty to stay home and do virtual school for as long as I can to make room for those that have no other choice, less kids in the classroom means there’s more space to be socially distant, which helps everyone. When I no longer have the option to do virtual school I hope the parents that can will keep their kids home too so that my daughter’s classroom will have as much space as possible.”

-Ally Gonzalez

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