Easy DIY Heart Shaped Valentine’s Toddler Activity

Valentines day easy and fun activities
Valentines day easy and fun activities
Valentines day easy and fun activities
Valentines day easy and fun activities

As moms we always need to get creative to keep the kids busy, this craft is super easy and fun. I wanted to share it with you because the kids had so much fun with it. You would be surprised how many many heart-shaped activities and crafts they can create. It will have the house bursting with love, fun bright colors, and most of all that holiday cheer! 

Here is an activity for kids of all ages, for your toddler to have some messy fun, make it challenging for your preschooler, or even expand your middle schoolers creativity! 


  • paper
  • scissors
  • dot painter (bingo marker) 


Cut the paper into a heart shape, open the bingo marker and let them dot the the heart as much or as little as they want. 

Have fun! 

Valentines day easy and fun activities
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Valentines day easy and fun activities


White paper

Toilet paper roll 

red paint

paper plate



Indent the toilet paper roll just a bit to create a heart shape.

have your child dip it in the red paint (I put some on a plate too so its easier for them and cleaning too)

then your child with press the toilet paper roll onto the white paper leaving a heart-shaped figure on the paper. 

when my kids are done I clean them up with wipes since  I use Crayola washable paints. 

Lastly, be present with your child and have fun!

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Christine Reyes
Christine Reyes is a mother of three, ages seven, three, and one. Her 3-year-old is a NICU miracle. She is also a stepmom to three older boys ages 24, 19, and 16. She is the matriarch of a very unique and loving blended family. for the last 18 years, she has been both general ed and special education teacher. her life experiences have given her the resilience to take on any task. She has many hobbies and interests, some of which are going to the beach, taking her family to Disney World, traveling with family, photography, and crafting to name a few. Her influence and personality allow her to inspire other moms and families to learn about various topics such as taking care of children with special needs, fertility issues, developing early learning skills for children, understanding IEPs/504s, navigating the many ups and downs that are part of a NICU stay as well as the transition home and life after the NICU. Christine now owns her own business specializing in naturally based haircare, skincare and wellness products while also doing all that comes with being a mom too! Her journey is truly inspiring, regardless of all the trials that she has endured, she still manages to face life with a positive attitude, and always finds time to give back to women in the community.


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