Introducing COOKIE’S 🍪 Closet: Paying it Forward, A Free Online Thrift Store

Welcome to Cookie’s Closet!

Hello! My name is Cailyn-Ann Louise. I’m blessed to be a published baby model and have been looking for ways to give back. I was named after two very important women in my life. My grandma and great grandma. I share the same initials and my grandmother and I have acquired my great grandmother’s nickname, Cookie. 

Both women would have lavished me in gifts if they were here. Clothing and fashion was always a must for them. In honor of these ladies generosity and love, I have decided to open a FREE THRIFT STORE. 

Sometimes times are tough for our families and they may not want to ask for help or have the funds to spend at certain times of need, so this is where I would like to help by donating my clothing. Most of the amazing outfits I get to wear once if that and would love to spread the love. 

All of these items will come in a box with a bow, and a little letter ready to warm a heart. All I ask is you take a picture and tag #cookiescloset and where the outfit is located. Please help by spreading the love and keep the woman who is so near and dear to me and my story alive. Let’s keep track of these items and see how far they get! Cool right? I thought so. 

Once you are done wearing the outfit simply put it back in the box with the note and a new note if you would like, and gift the outfit to someone who will love it just as much as you did!

Best of Luck 

Cailyn-Ann Louise 



“What’s the real scoop on Cookie?”

So here’s the scoop. I’m cookies mother and her real name is Caitlyn-Ann Louise Bruno. My mother was an amazing woman. It breaks my heart every day when I look at my daughter and realize she will never get to meet her grandmother my mother will never be able to meet someone as sweet as my dear Cookie. My mother’s name was Carol-Ann Barone. I never really grieved her death considering she died when I was eleven, so naming my daughter after my mother was just unbearable. So I stuck with the same initials. My mother loved to shop and from what I remember and literally made a match, from my head to my toes and from my rubber band to my shoes. Our appearance was everything! Even though we didn’t have it together no one would ever know cause we looked like we did. We were pretty poor, my father had died when I was five so we made ends meet. My grandmother was named Ann as well. We lived, we seemed alright, and we loved each other fiercely. How could I not name my daughter after them? Shortly after my mother died, my grandma fell ill and died of a broken heart shortly after.

Having a child you can be selfish. I needed to somehow incorporate my husbands family. Funny thing is we picked these two names for my first pregnancy. I had a boy. The second pregnancy, I stuck with the name. So the powerful woman’s name of his side was Louise. My husband’s grandma was amazing. She passed right before I became pregnant for the second time. I didn’t know what I was having but I knew something powerful would come from the root of the name alone if it was a girl. Low and behold (I’m biased), but I have given birth to the most beautiful and powerful little girl in the world. Phil’s grandma went by Cookie. She was the talk of the town, always. Always took care of everyone, helped everyone, tipped everyone, and spoiled all the kids. I wasn’t even hers and the minute I walked into the house I was kindly given money to go shopping. She always wanted everyone to feel beautiful. She was beautiful. As years went on she treated me as her own, and I shortly fell in love with the Grandma I had missed as a kid. 

Unfortunately, none of these strong brave women have been able to meet my daughter but in hindsight, I would like to believe they are a part of her. That a piece of them is with her. After she was born I was asked by my husband if I would mind if we called her “Cookie”. A couple of drips of morphine after my c-section, honestly I didn’t care what he called her as long as I could sleep. Never in a million years did I think it would stick and today, Cookie she is. 

All these women were very strong and powerful Italian New Yorkers. I have been blessed, my husband and I have good livelihoods and we are thankful to our families for raising us the best they could. There’s no one in the world I would want my daughter to be like other than them!


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I’m wife to one lucky guy, mother to two beautiful children, and the owner of All Dolled Up. After graduating high school I moved to Fort Lauderdale to go to college with dreams of being something…anything! After getting a degree that I never used, someone said to me “you always do such great makeup why don’t you go to school for it?” So, I did! I graduated from Cosmix School of Artistry in 2011 with hopes and dreams of leaving this city. As fate would have it, I met my husband shortly after I moved to New York with my best friend. St Patty’s day left me with a surprise, I was pregnant with my first. After having my son and trying to live through the struggle of snow jackets and car seats for one winter, I packed up my family moved my husband right to where I knew he couldn’t resist...Central Beach Fort Lauderdale. I put all of the efforts I put into bartending and entertaining into makeup and was relentless. I did free makeup until I knew what my worth was. Long hours, throwing my towel in, crying, fighting, but it’s all been worth it! I’ve been published in magazines all over the world. I’ve done fashion week, swim week, art basil, I’ve worked with stars and celebrities. I have surpassed anything I could have imagined. Shortly after my business took off, I got pregnant with my second child. She is now over a year old and managing a business, kids, a house, and everything else has just been a journey. I want to help moms! I hear you and I want you to know we are listening. Looking forward to getting to know each other.


  1. That was so beautifully said, as my mom was “Cookie”. She would have just have eaten little Cookie. I know I adore her from afar, NY. This is a wonderful thing you are doing Nicole, the grandparents and great grandmother would have loved her all so much, as I do. My beautiful, happy, and pleasant grandchild. Love you as well.
    Love Julie ( Mother’s-in-law, nana xoxo 😘

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