Mamas in Silk

Moms I’m not sure about you, but I adore how silk feels against my skin. You may be debating if silk is the best fabric to wear in the summer. Moms, you can surely do it, I tell you! You might be surprised to learn that silk actually keeps you cool in the summer. Silk is a fabric with average airflow. It is also thin and light in weight. In the summer, I value staying cool just as much as you do. I enjoy accessorizing loose-fitting silk outfits with the appropriate jewelry. Did you know that silk is breathable, comfy, and ideal for keeping you dry throughout the summer? When your toddler accidently spills their drink on you, it absolutely dries quickly, which is the nicest part, ha. It can also help you regulate your body temperature. With our kids around, it’s not always simple for us moms to want to get up and dressed. It just makes me feel better that I find ways to keep myself looking beautiful when I go out. Like they say “If you look good, you’ll feel good!
Here are some stunning, vibrant ensembles that I adore wearing to work on dates, or outings with my friends. Let’s get started. You can get a wide range of outfits online or in retail establishments. I’ll certainly include some links where I got my looks. Wink, wink!
Let us get into the looks!
Look #1

Orange and Pink Silk Set from Shop Jerlo

Orange and pink look fantastic with gold shoes and accessories. When it comes to cosmetics, nothing beats your own natural beauty or light makeup with a nude lipstick or gloss.



Look #2 

Sky Blue Silk Set from Day Lux Collection 

The silvery accessories and transparent, nude, or white shoes go well with this light blue outfit. Since it’s summer, choose strong, bold colors to make a statement. Light pink lips, champagne eyeshadow, and gentle pink blush are all appropriate cosmetic choices. For a delicate, natural look, you might also use a couple coats of mascara and light brown eyeliner. If you’re daring like me, though, you’ll choose red lipstick.


Look #3

Burgundy Silk Set from Rainbows Retail Store

The lovely color of burgundy goes well with bare feet, black, and clear shoes. Even more daring shoe patterns are possible. You have the option of wearing strong or natural makeup. You may wear red, black, nude, gloss, nude tones, and even burgundy lip colors with this color.

What’s most essential is that you can wear it however you choose. Depending on how I’m feeling, I wear silk in various ways. Have fun with silk; you might wear a silk blouse with shorts or jeans or, on the contrary, silk pants with a light or corp top. How you feel while wearing it is all that matters. I think your brand is the one that really stands out among the rest. Who said we had to dress up only when we are going anywhere, I mean? Make sure to do it for yourself and to take care of yourself. Remember that you feel extra good when you look well.

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Jeanie Pierre is the mother of her charming thirteen-year-old son. Jeanie, the Owner of Niajaye Cosmetics, has been committed to inspiring women worldwide to embrace their unique skin types while feeling more empowered with lip wear that expresses their unique personalities. Jeanie is a personal development junkie, and she is always all about women's empowerment. She is the person you call and has a cheerful voice that will give anyone a pick me up! One of her passions and drive is to help women across the world feel more empowered, supported, loved, and connected and gear them to the resources they need. She spends her days working and strategizing in her business, building community, hanging out with friends, and spending time with family enjoying good food, company, and good music in her free time. Jeanie's outlook is, "They say it takes a village to raise a child but who is helping the village of women". She believes we should be building our village/tribe of women with the proper support.


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