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Summer Lovin’


Year ‘Round Heat Survival in Florida

Welcome to the wonderful world of chasing after your children in the summer heat. I could almost swear the summer wasn’t this hot as a kid. Trying to make an impression that I had it together and looked great wasn’t nearly as hard as it is today. 

Even though we love the summer and wait for it….all year (except for us Floridian’s …. this is true all year for us) not looking like a hot mess is almost the hardest thing to do. No one wants to do their hair and makeup in 100-degree weather with or without humidity. Some of us are luckier than others.  

There are a few looks for self-care and products you can use in the summer to help keep the melting of your face and your products at bay.


This is truly a love-hate relationship. Most of us are aging, have had kids and our hormones have changed our skin tone, which unfortunately now tends to be two-tone. Plus going in the sun is always awesome for making the spots darker. 

I like light foundations and you know I’m a sucker for Jennifer Bradleys, but there’s nothing wrong with a liquid-based foundation as a light coat for the summer! MAC has a great one and then there is Bobby Brown and Revlon also has a high-rated water-resistant formula. 

If you are going to skip the foundation layer you can just use a powder! But please ladies DO NOT TAKE THAT SAME WHITE OR BEIGE APPLICATOR THAT COMES WITH THE PACKET OVER AND OVER YOUR FACE! Think about this scenario. Let’s put that applicator away, while it’s moist, in a dark spot in the container it came with. Now let is sit and just imagine all the different kinds of science experiments it can grow. THEN, you guessed it, you use it again the next day. No thank you!

Another hack to limiting the number of lotions and potions on your face would be to get a foundation with a concealer and an SPF in it. Limiting the number of layers on your face in the summertime can really make you feel free!

Eyeliner and Mascara 

I’m against using a pencil at all cost. The sweat and allergy season alone can make your eyes water and really there isn’t anything that can keep that on all day. I suggest to take a setting spray and put it over the liner, this is really your best bet. 

Liquid liner is the best and a felt tip can make for a nice, smooth application. Still, even if I had the top rated one right now (and even if you used any kind of all-day stay liquid liner ) I would STILL spray the setting spray over or I would just mix the liner with the spray and create your own with the liner you have. 

Mascara would be the same. There are so many to choose from, but if you don’t want to go out and buy more makeup there isn’t anything wrong with spraying your mascara wand with the setting spray and then using it on yourself. 


Setting Spray and Final Seal

This is one of the biggest investments you can purchase in the makeup pedal. You can pretty much turn anything into facepaint that will stay all day. Pigment sprayed with a little setting spray can make eyeshadow, eyeliner, lipstick, blush, contour…you name it. 

I believe with all my heart in the BenNye setting spray is the best. I use it on my face and when I do a full set of makeup. Brides will wear their makeup until the next day and send me a picture of how they still look amazing! This is an investment though! Buy a good one it will go a long way! 


Any kind of stain should work and if you don’t have one, using a liner or liquid and mist it with the setting spray. This should do the trick. Worst case go with a nude lip and bring the foundation down into it and ad a tinted gloss. 

Do the Dew

Pixie has a line that has great glow products. These products are more for instead of going for a dry powder look you say YES, let’s go for the wet look! 

Pikie glow has powder and has sprays that you can spray onto yourself after using the glow tonic and it give you that nice dewy look. I personally am not a fan and want to wipe my face off when I see myself looking this way, but that’s what these girls are spraying on theme selves on the runway! This line makes it easy to look bronze and beach bound with little to no effort. 

Hopefully, this helps to solve some of the year round problems we have in Fort Lauderdale and the summer time issues elsewhere. Blotting towels are also a plus, but don’t use them more than once. Keep your pillow case clean and wash all your makeup off your face before a breakout from all the setting spray and makeup.  

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    • You’re welcome. We love Jennifer Brandley Skincare and Cosmetics! The 4 in One Makeup is not only the best waterproof foundation but the best SPF protection we’ve found…hands down! Keep making awesome, multi-purpose products that busy moms can’t live without!

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