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Calling out “The Best Of Broward” Nominate Someone Amazing Today! 

We’re on a mission to shine a spotlight on the incredible individuals who make our community thrive. We know that there are unsung heroes among us – the ones who go the extra mile, the ones who inspire, and the ones who make a positive impact every single day.
Broward Mom Collective and our team are amazed at moms doing a fantastic job raising their children, who are the foundation of our future generation. Our local heroes and businesses showing up every day for the community. That’s why we’re excited to share our initiative, where we’re inviting YOU to nominate those outstanding individuals who deserve recognition. We’re talking about the awe-inspiring moms who juggle it all, the visionary Mompreneurs who turn dreams into reality, the local businesses that bring our neighborhood to life, and even the exceptional dads who are redefining what it means to go above and beyond.

Why is this initiative so important, you ask?

Well, it’s all about celebrating the power of community and lifting each other up. By spotlighting these remarkable people, we’re not only recognizing their incredible efforts but also inspiring others to join in and make a difference. When we share these stories of dedication, passion, and kindness, we create a ripple effect that touches the lives of many.

How It Works:

Nomination is easy-peasy! Just nominate the person you believe is making waves in our community. Tell us their story, share their accomplishments, and let us know why they deserve to be in the spotlight. Our panel of community enthusiasts will carefully review each nomination and select a featured nominee to showcase in an upcoming blog post. 

Our Featured Nomination: “The Best Of Broward” 

In each spotlight post, we’ll dive deep into the story of our featured nominee, exploring their journey, challenges, and the impact they’ve made. We’ll learn how they’re shaping our community for the better and discover the wonderful ways they’re leaving their mark.
So, let’s spread the love, appreciation, and applause. Nominate that amazing someone today and let’s show the world just how extraordinary the power of community impacts our life.
You can even nominate YOURSELF and stay tuned for the incredible stories that will warm your heart, ignite your spirit and those of others. Thank you for being a part of this incredible journey! We are all unique in our ways; we ask our readers to select someone, even themselves, who truly gives back and makes Broward stronger!!!
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Annie Makhanlall
Annie Makhanlall is the co-founder and owner of Broward Mom Collective, LLC. Wearing many hats is her specialty. She brings creativity and sparkle to everything that she does. Her followers are always looking forward to seeing her savvy couponing skills and daily adventures while balancing life. She is the mom that walks down the hall with 2 bookbags on her shoulders; lunch bags in one hand and coffee in the other all the while managing to take pictures of her daughters… Yup, that’s Annie! She enjoys spending quality time with her family; creating arts and crafts; holding nostalgic family picnics at the park; baking and decorating delicious cookies and adding glitter to just about everything she does! She loves connecting and networking with the people living in her community. She is a night-owl, very creative, family-oriented, coffee lover, glitter mom, passionate, and always pushing herself to be better than the person she was yesterday! She strives to connect families with local resources while helping local businesses. She is constantly brainstorming, hoping to crack the code on Motherhood while being the Perfectly Imperfect Mompreneur.


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