Battling the Holiday Blues

While the holiday season is known to be one of the happiest times of the year it can also be an emotional period of time for many people.
Batting the holiday blues is challenging….especially while navigating through motherhood. The holiday blues are known to be a temporary feeling of emotions such as stress, anxiety, and depression- to name a few. There are many reasons why people start to feel the blues during a season of giving, receiving, and spending quality time with family/friends. 
Some of the most common causes for the holiday blues is due to the frustration of not having accomplished all the goals that were set to be achieved before the end of the year. 
Extra financial stress is another reason many people feel down and out which is likely due to the extra expenses that come with gifts or holiday gatherings (purchasing extra clothes, shoes, decor, and even food). The biggest reason I think most people can relate to is the memories that accompany the holiday season. Perhaps having lost a loved one or living far away from family is the reason for feeling blue.
The holiday season in Florida doesn’t bring us snowflakes to cheer us up but at least we can count on rainbows. There’s always a light at the end of the tunnel, as the saying goes. So how exactly can we, as parents, get through the holiday season while battling the blues?

Get enough sleep 

Drink plenty of water 

Practice self-care

Talk to somebody 

Express yourself on paper (write, draw, etc.)

Surround yourself with family and friends 

Treat yourself to something special (a manicure, coffee from your favorite cafe, etc.)



Set a smaller budget for gifts 

Give gifts with meaning/purpose

Replace gifts altogether with an experience for you and yours (a near-by getaway trip)

Travel to your loved ones 

Create crafts with your kids 

Read more books 

The remedy to fighting the holiday blues is in our minds and hearts. Challenge yourself to take this season one day at a time. Create a list, just like the one above, with all the things that make you feel good or want to do. Shifting focus from the struggle to the simple yet special moments that give us hope to feel and see the magic of the holiday season. 
During this holiday season and all year long…YOU MATTER AND YOUR EMOTIONS ARE VALID. Hang in there, Mama! We’re all in this together!
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Natyia Jimenez was born in La Isla Del Encanto Puerto Rico and grew up in Orlando, Florida. She’s lived in several cities through South Florida but has spent the last seven years in Broward County. Natyia is a happy wife and proud mother of two. During the day she works from home with her toddler and by night, once the kids are asleep, she creates content for her bilingual blog and YouTube channel. DIMELO MAMI is her passion project and her dream team is made up of her mom and daughter. She enjoys sharing her thoughts and experiences with others. Natyia’s favorite part about blogging and creating videos is capturing memories to look back on and pass onto her children.


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