Using a daily planner has improved my life!


Join me and let’s plan for success!!! We can do this!!!

Ever wake up in the morning and feel lost about what needs to be done or how your day is going to go? Wouldn’t it be nice to know ahead of time what your day will look like and what’s the plan? Once I started using a planner daily, I started crossing things off my list faster than before!

I was never really a planner person; I mean I did own quite a few but only wrote in it for a little while but never completely filled it out. I was always a night owl and was rather good at accomplishing my goals. Over a year ago I was diagnosed with iron deficiency anemia and that meant no more late nights and early mornings for me. I needed over 8 hours of sleep at night and that was a drastic change for me, my creativity comes to life during the night!!!!

I would usually add all my meetings and important dates into the calendar on my phone but I knew it was time to get serious about a planner. In order to accomplish everything on my to-do list I needed to utilize my time wisely and that meant using a planner daily. I researched a few planners but I decided to just order one from amazon.

I kept using my planner daily, I made sure to stay on track and write everything in it! WOW …I noticed a HUGE difference within the first week of using the planner. I accomplished my goals and finished everything on my to-do list. I felt organized, I felt proud and most importantly I was productive – I made a plan and followed it.


Here are a few key benefits of using a daily planner

  • Staying Organized – organization is the key to using a planner, you will stay organized but you need to use your planner daily
  • Improve your Productivity – using a planner daily can help you stay on track by writing down your goals and accomplishing them
  • Less Stress – If you have a hectic schedule, having a plan can help you stay on task and not feel overwhelmed with your to-do list
  • Time Management – scheduling events, setting appointments, meeting deadlines, etc. will help you stay on track and help you find extra time for yourself & family
  • Keeping Track – a planner can help you remember important dates such as when you took your kids to their last doctor appointment or what day your monthly friend came to visit

Using a daily planner has played an important part in improving my professional and personal life. I manage multiple businesses, two households, a blog, I volunteer, and I teach new moms how to coupon. The list goes on and on!

Check out these printable planner templates and let us know in the comments below if you use a planner and how it has helped you!


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