Why is MOM crying too?

A Trip To The Doctors Office


I will never forget the first time my daughter Laila got her shots and I cried so much. It was the weirdest thing because I was crying uncontrollably with snot and all! I thought to myself what is wrong with me?

It was a mixture of hormones, and all the experiences I was going through. I was a first-time mother, and in my mind, I was just thinking about my sweet new baby girl being in pain. I know for sure I am not the only one that feels this way about their child getting shots. The newborn shots are hard for me emotionally, but then when they get older and then they know what’s coming is even worse.  Maya is the youngest and she would start screaming and kicking as soon as we closed the door in our room at the doctor’s office. Then when she would calm down, the doctor would walk in and it started all over again. There are so many factors leading up to your child’s feeling about getting shots. For many years I would dread taking them and would always try to schedule it when my husband was off from work. He is a paramedic and it definitely is second nature to him, I remember one time there was a nurse practitioner that actually thought he was a single dad because he would just end up taking them to every appointment because my youngest would scream as soon as she even saw the building!

Is your child afraid of needles? Helping them to overcome their fear of shots will make doctor visits more comfortable for both of you. More importantly, you may increase the odds that your child will seek appropriate medical care for years to come.

Injections may sting for a minute, but they play an important role in preventing and managing a wide variety of serious health conditions.

As a parent, you can help your child to feel more comfortable at the doctor’s office. Try these tips for making injections and other procedures less scary.

There are many things you can do if your child is anxious. It also helps to let your doctor know, so they can be prepared.


Try these strategies:

  1. Be honest. You’ll lose credibility if you tell your child they won’t feel anything. Let them know what to expect. Use comparisons they can understand, like being pinched or stubbing their toe.
  2. Stay calm. Your child will be influenced by your attitude. Think positive and sound encouraging.
  3. Use distractions. Shifting your child’s attention can be very effective. You might ask them to count backwards or sing a favorite song. You could also cough at the last second.
  4. Provide comfort. Hold your child on your lap or hug them. Physical contact can be soothing.
  5. Coordinate visits. Anticipation can sometimes be more intense than the experience itself. Ask your doctor if it’s possible to combine multiple shots in one visit to shorten the process.
  6. Numb the area. Your doctor may also be able to make analgesics available. These creams and patches act like the Novocain your dentist gives you.
  7. Explore other options. Sometimes you can avoid an injection. Check to see if your child could receive an alternative such as a nasal spray.
  8. Swaddle babies. What about children who are too young for conversation? Infants may tolerate a shot more easily if you wrap them up or give them a pacifier.
  9. Follow recommendations. Your pediatrician or family doctor can advise you about what shots your child needs. They may also give you aftercare instructions that will minimize soreness after an injection.

Other Tips for Making Doctor Visits More Comfortable for Your Child

Wellness checks and routine visits are essential because children develop and change rapidly. These tips may help if your child has other common fears related to stranger anxiety or unpleasant memories. We think that they don’t know what is going on but they are well aware of everything that is happening around them.

Keep these tips in mind:

  1. Talk about it. Your child may feel more confident if they know what the doctor is going to do at each visit. Give them age-appropriate information. Younger kids may enjoy rehearsing with a toy doctor kit.
  2. Bring entertainment. Your visit is more likely to go smoothly if you can keep your child happy in the waiting room. Come prepared with stuffed toys and other comfort objects, as well as toys, games, and books.
  3. Offer rewards. Some doctors will give children stickers and toys to make visits more enjoyable. You might also want to plan a fun activity for later in the day, such as stopping for ice cream or buying a new book.
  4. Develop relationships. If possible, try to build a long-term relationship with your child’s health care team. Follow the rules and respect their time. Come prepared with any relevant questions and share constructive feedback.

According to the Cleveland Clinic, almost two-thirds of children are afraid of needles, but they usually become less nervous as they get older. Meanwhile, you can help your child to relax and grow up with a positive attitude about seeking medical care when they need it. Always remember that each child is different, and one may react to this in one way and the other may just take each shot like a champ.

There are so many adults that I know personally that are still afraid and try to avoid needles as much as they can. This list might not even work for you and your child. The best part for is that I know I try to relax and prepare myself so I can manage my own energy dealing with the entire experience. This helps me because its was so exhausting and scary for them, I wanted to do my best to do what we always do and just be MOM.




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