Holding Time


Ava, it’s 4:30am and although there’s a sleepless world out there it’s just me and you in this house. There’s a dog in the living room that seems to shake off bad dreams from time to time but that’s it…so I thought of telling you a few things about time, our time. After I lost my brother, your uncle, at age 41 so sudden and unexpectedly I learned to appreciate the time in a way I’ve never had before. All can change in a minute and that’s something, unfortunately, we have no control of. So we better make the best of our time together with our loved ones.

There’s only here and now as the past is done and gone and the future…we might never know.


mom and newborn

So unapologetically and with no shame or guilt, I’ll hold you until the time comes when you push me away. I’ll cuddle you until you find that there’s something new to discover and our long cuddly sessions are no longer needed. I’ll give you skin to skin time because that’s the only connection you’ve known so far…until you learn how to connect with others in a different way. And no, I don’t HAVE to follow what’s said out there because again this is between you and me, our time together. We make our rules, ones that speak to our hearts. Ultimately, I want you to know that there will always be a world out there for you to bravely conquer but for now, I’ll hold you tight, I’ll kiss you 20 thousand times a day without fear of embarrassment until the time comes when you let my hand go. And that will be ok and natural. There will be time for growth. You’ll want to spend time with your friends over time with your parents. You’ll want to shut your bedroom door and be left alone over movie time in your mom’s bed. And that’s ok! But I won’t rush you to that moment. Instead, I’ll treasure you so close while I can.

While I still can hold the time we have. 

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Viviane Delfino de San Martin was born in Brazil. Growing up in the beautiful city of Sao Paulo, Viviane learned to appreciate the beautiful things of life. At a very tender age, she had always wanted to see the world and explore every inch of it. She attended Canada High School in Buenos Aires. She later returned to Sao Paulo for her college education at Mackenzie University, where she finished with distinction in International Business in 2005.In 2013, Viviane started her own business called “Wishes on Leashes” (www.wishesonleashes.com), a business that caters to the walking of pets for clients. In 2018 she welcomed her first daughter Ava. Viviane enjoys traveling the world, meeting new people and taking care of her family. She aspires to help people to become a better and healthier version of themselves.


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