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What does your significant other do that is driving you CRAZY lately?

We know this has probably been amplified by quarantine and social distancing and all of that extra (mostly great) family time.

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“A little background. My husband and I worked together for years. Which means we got up together, drove together, worked together, drove back home together and were basically… ALWAYS TOGETHER! I loved it. Then when we had our baby our whole schedule changed! And little things started to bother me, until we found our rhythm again. Then I started working from home and our rhythm changed again! Which means we had to adjust… AGAIN! And “little things” had to get ironed out, again! Now with the current situation there was another adjustment period! I would say that until we found our new rhythm “curveballs” really annoyed me! I plan my day before I get up from bed, it’s a super annoying habit even for me. But I struggle getting up and starting my day until I know what it’s going to look like. So little curve balls like, hey we need to have breakfast separate because I have a meeting would throw me off, it’s not a big deal but it’s how I felt. Now we communicate our schedules and meetings when we wake up, “hey hunny how’s your day looking today” has made a world of a difference for us 😊”

-Ally Gonzalez

“So fun to say… life is in a good season <3 But ask me last month and my list would be long! Married 33 years we have our bumps in the road.”

-Deena McDaniel

“Ahhh that would be saying “yes” to the kids after I’ve told them no …his excuse is …well i didn’t know you said no 🤥🤥“

-Annie Makhanlall

“My husband somehow has a ‘magic sink’, I’ve been trying all pandemic to get this magical sink to work for me but somehow it seems to favor him. Three meals a day, leaves the dishes in the sink and they are washed every time!
Lately, we’ve improved a bit and he will take over a few of the meals’ dishes. Letting it slide (for now) as he’s been working hard during the pandemic and I’m getting all the extra baby snuggles!”

-Allison Vorcheimer

“Walk 👟 through 👟the 👟house 👟 with 👟his 👟SHOES 👟ON! Although the complaint department is limited because he also mops and disinfects the said floors he contaminates. 🤷‍♀️”

-Kellie Mackenroth

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