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Here in Broward, we’re back to full time distance learning. If you’re like me, summer went by with a blur and while we talked and talked about what the solution would be for the kids this fall, it felt like little time to prepare. But, it’s not too late. Setting your kids up with a small learning space will help to create the right environment to learn and keep everything they need close by. This can feel challenging if you have a small space and don’t want your home to always feel like a classroom. Luckily, I found some products that take up little space or can even be rolled away when it’s not needed.


Desk Space

Creating a desk space is ideal to help your kids learn. However, if you don’t have room for this, I’ve still got you covered!

Folding Study Desk – Ideal for small spaces and for folding out of the way when out of use.

Compact Mobile Computer Cart – The wheels on this make it easy to relocate and move around. Plenty of storage space for necessary materials as well!

Sofa Laptop Table – Is the couch your best/only option? This C-shaped table is easy to use on the couch and makes a great end table when not used for school! Pair with a rolling cart or bin (below) to keep necessary materials handy.

For the Little Ones

Toddlers and smaller kids may be better off with a small table or chair desk.

MySize Chair Desk – This individual desk is perfect for small spaces and has a built-in storage bin. It also comes in different colors and multiple characters (like Paw Patrol and Frozen) so it can coordinate with any space!

Table and Chair Set – Colorful and fun for any toddler’s room. This set can be a work area and also a great play/dining area for them and friends (when this all ends). Lightweight so it can easily be tucked away when it’s not needed. That was my original plan but my son loved this so much we rearranged his room to keep this out.

Activity Table – If I had realized the table would stay out I would have gone with this! A flat top for learning/computer time and art, A lego block top, and open bin (perfect for a water or sensory bin area or storage). We know toddlers can not stay occupied on a computer screen all day so this table can work for a variety of other uses.

Getting Creative

Creativity is an important part of learning. These tools will help with that!

Wooden Art Easel – An easel is a great way to get in the school ‘zone’ and get creative. This is also a great way to create a “space” within a larger area like your living room and use this as a divider during school time. Fold it up and set out of the way when not in use.

Tabletop Easel – If you don’t have the space for a standard easel, no worries. This tabletop style is compact and double-sided with white and chalk board. It also is magnetic and can have a roll of paper attached for extra creativity.

Crayola 100 PC Art Set – This 100 piece set includes everything you need to get coloring!

Embellishment Kit – Spruce up your arts and crafts with this fun kit!

Paint Set – Washable paint and paintbrush set.

Rainbow Scratch Paper – Scratch away the black to reveal beautiful rainbow colors! Stencils also included.

Rock Painting Kit – Have some fun with this rock painting set!

Ocean Animals Painting Kit – Pair your creative projects with learning activities with this ocean animals paint set.


Organizing the work space will help to set your kids up for success.

Tiered Rolling Cart – Keep all of your essentials in one place and easily movable with this 3-tiered rolling cart.

Supply Caddie – A small space may be better served with a portable supply caddy. Essentials can always be handy and easily stored away.

Create-A-Space Storage Organizer – Perfect to get your toddler’s table feeling like a classrom.

Wall Decor

Make the space really feel like a classroom with the help of this wall art!

Hanging Dry Erase Board – With magnets, perfect to hang class plans or schedules.

Educational Poster Set – 11 educational posters to get your space feeling like a classroom.

We hope this helps you and your kids make the best out of this challenging time! Is there a favorite homeschool item you LOVE that we’re missing? Share below!

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