FUN And EASY Valentine’s Day Activities


Valentine's Day Crafts

I love doing fun holiday activities but I don’t love pouring my money and time into it. Below you’ll find some fun and easy activities anyone can do. 

1. I love you because wall

This is an easy to throw together activity but can be so special for kids. Cut out 14 hearts out of whatever paper you have in the house (don’t stress if you don’t have red or pink). Every day you write a message letting your kids know what you love about them and what makes them special. I’ve typically heard of them being taped on their bedroom door but if there’s another area in your house that works– put them there. And hey, I bet if your kids can write they’ll likely write you a few hearts also.


2. Love Breakfast

Valentines Day Fun and easy crafts I’ve always done this because it is the easiest and that’s how I roll. Make your standard pancake recipe then cut it with a heart shaped cookie cutter. If you want to feel extra festive go ahead and color that batter with some food coloring. I like to serve with a side of strawberries that I’ve cut to look like hearts. This year I’ll be including a berry smoothie as our pink drink (strawberry milk would also be great). 

3. Love Dinner

Did you know you can order a heart shaped pizza? Well, you do now. Order that heart shaped pizza and let pizza love be delivered right to your door. Our typical pizza/ take out day is Friday but let’s make an exception this year as Valentine’s Day is on a Monday this year. 

Remember that your day does not need to be Pinterest or Instagram worthy. Your family appreciates what you do simply because it’s done with love. And this is your friendly reminder to show yourself some love. For me that means buying my own gift because I’m particular. Flowers, chocolate, jewelry, your favorite pens, get yourself a little something *you* love that is only for you. Now blast those 90s slow jams and have a great day. 

Have fun, XOXO! 


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