Transforming Mealtime Stress into Family Fun with Recipe Packs


Are you a parent who finds themselves stuck in a mealtime rut, constantly battling the never-ending question of “What’s for dinner?” If so, we’ve got some exciting news that’s about to make your life a whole lot easier and more enjoyable.

Introducing Recipe Packs by @JenTriesThings

Meal planning can be a daunting task, especially for busy parents juggling work, kids, and all the demands of daily life. We understand the struggle, and that’s why we’re thrilled to introduce Recipe Packs – a game-changer for burnt-out moms and dads looking to inject some excitement into their family meals.

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Why Recipe Packs?

  • Solving Mealtime Dilemmas: Say goodbye to the stress of planning meals. Our Recipe Packs take the guesswork out of what to cook and provide a hassle-free solution for parents on the go.

  • Fun for the Whole Family: Turn mundane meals into themed family nights! With a variety of exciting themes, Recipe Packs make dinnertime an event everyone looks forward to.

  • Creative and Easy to Follow: Each Recipe Pack is carefully curated by @JenTriesThings, combining creativity and simplicity. Follow along easily, even if you’re not a seasoned chef.

  • Diverse Selection: From comfort food classics to international delights, our Recipe Packs cater to various tastes and preferences. There’s something for every member of the family.

  • Save Time and Money: Forget about last-minute grocery store runs or wasted ingredients. Recipe Packs streamline your shopping list and help you make the most of what’s already in your pantry.

How Recipe Packs Work

Our Recipe Packs are designed to make your life easier from start to finish.

  • Choose Your Theme: Browse through our collection of exciting themes, from Italian Dinner to Asian Night and Game Day Recipe Packs. Select the one that suits your family’s taste and mood.

  • Get Your Ingredients: Choose which recipes you’ll make from the pack, and develop your shopping list to gather everything you need. No more wandering aimlessly through the grocery store aisles.

  • Cook and Enjoy: With easy-to-follow instructions, you’ll have a delicious, themed meal ready to enjoy with your loved ones. Quality family time has never been this tasty!

We believe that family time should be cherished, and our Recipe Packs aim to make those moments memorable and stress-free. Try it out, and you’ll not only transform your meal planning but also create lasting memories with your family.

Ready to make mealtime fun again? Head to our website and explore the exciting world of Recipe Packs by @JenTriesThings. Your journey to stress-free, themed family dinners starts here!

Let’s turn mealtime stress into family fun together. 🍽️💕 

Buy 3 Recipe Pack Bundle:

Wanting more? Check out our Ultimate Culinary Trio: the Italian Dinner Recipe Pack, Asian Night Recipe Pack, and Game Day Recipe Pack! When you Buy 2 Recipe Packs, you Get 1 Free, so with this offer you get all three Recipe Packs! Buy Now & Save!


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