It Is Not Your Fault Mom

5 Simple Ways To Better Health


healthy mom

Many of us started to step away from the health and wellness resolutions we made at the beginning of the new year.

It’s not your fault.

Creating new habits is not something that comes easily. It takes time, and you will likely start and stop repeatedly. On top of that, the influx of information that comes your way about restrictive eating and time-consuming workout programs almost blinds us. They make them look easy and promise quick results, and that should be your first red flag.

healthy mom Creating change is a process. It is not something that happens in a matter of twenty-one days. You won’t find it by starving or depriving yourself of a couple of weeks. You won’t find it in your joint pain from brutal workouts.

Change comes from sustainable steps that you can build on. It comes from education and learning the why behind the what. Even better, little intentions can create significant results. So instead, let’s look at some achievable goals you can set right now to build better overall wellness.

5 Simple ways to better health
Focus on Food
You HAVE to give your body the fuel it needs to function. Making a simple shift to whole food nutrition can make a big difference for you. Think of whole foods as anything that comes from the ground or has a mother—no need to overcomplicate it. If you truly want to dial it in, consider learning how much protein, carbs, and fat your body needs daily.

Simply Start Moving
Shoot for thirty minutes! A good workout does not need to take an hour and a half. It also does not have to be a cardio beatdown! Ditch the cardio queen mindset. Consider moving in a way that makes you happy for thirty minutes. That could mean walking, playing tennis, simple bodyweight workouts so many options. There are many great at-home options, which is an excellent time-saver rather than driving back and forth to the gym.

Drink Your Water, Friend
“Drink your water” is probably one of my most common quotes as a coach. Water is at the core of our body function and of a healthy lifestyle. Water is essential for most body functions. An excellent goal to set is reaching for half your body weight in water ounces daily. Consider making it a habit to drink 8 ounces of those BEFORE your morning coffee to start the day off! If you struggle with no flavor, drop in some fruit and let it infuse your water with natural flavors.

Get More Sleep
As a mom, I know this one seems so hard. Because it is, you want that quiet time after the chaos when everyone goes to bed to simply just be. I want to challenge the way you think about this, though. If you are looking for true relaxation and reset, this is the answer. It would be best if you created a sleep routine. It includes creating a space that invites rest. Instead of binging a show, take some time for breathing exercises, meditation, or journaling to relax, and sleep may come much more effortless.

Practice Gratitude
Wait. What does gratitude have to do with health? A lot. Overall, wellness is not just about what you eat and how you work out. Your mind, heart, and soul must be well. Taking a moment in your morning or before bed to identify three things you are grateful for will remind you of the beauty in your chaos. It will do more for you than any 1200 calorie diet would. If your mind isn’t right, your body can’t be either.

Ask yourself if you can imagine doing these things for a year, on a vacation day, or in the midst of a stressful day. You don’t have to be perfect, just consistent. However you choose to step into wellness, the most important thing you should look for is sustainability. Our food and movement are not about punishment or “earning” other foods. It should all be about a balanced lifestyle that allows us to have the energy to create memories with those we love without ridiculous restrictions.


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